January Jones carries a black Givenchy Lucrezia bag at Roissy Airport in Paris (5)

January Jones was recently spotted at Roissy Airport in Paris, most likely en route to a show at Paris Fashion Week, carrying a Givenchy Lucrezia Satchel. The Lucrezia is a new bag for Spring 2013, and Givenchy has gone out of its way to get it in the hands of a carefully curated selection of fashionable starlets. We introduced you to the Givenchy Lucrezia and its many different colorways in early January, and happily, it looks like nearly all of them are still available at Barney’s for $2,140 and up (including the black nappa lambskin version seen here).

Every time I see January Jones in the media, it serves as a bitter reminder that Mad Men, one of my favorite shows of all time, is not currently on the air. I mean, January looks great carrying Givenchy, but I greatly prefer to see her in those fab 1960′s frocks. But don’t fret, fellow Mad Men fans, Mad Men will be back on AMC Sunday, April 7th!

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