January Jones carries Chanel (5)

January Jones was spotted gallivanting around Pasadena with her Chanel Chain-Handle Quilted Tote this past weekend. And of course, by “gallivanting,” we mean performing totally mundane, everyday tasks, like buying groceries. Stars, they’re just like us! Occasionally. They shop at Whole Foods! They buy overpriced juices! They get assailed by paparazzi while waiting patiently at the olive bar!

We’re glad to see Ms. Jones out and about during the Mad Men off-season, and we also understand that, as a single mom to a one-year-old baby, sometimes it’s nice to just throw on some pink pants and a butterfly scarf and have a perfectly normal, baby-free moment. But frankly, we can’t wait for this broad to get back in the kitchen, slap on an apron, and start scowling at everyone, Betty Draper-style!

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  • Silversun

    Looking pretty good! Although not as good as she looked in that episode where Betty went to the supermarket dressed to the nines in a gorgeous coat and scarf and slapped Glen’s mother. :D

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