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  • Mel

    And a hello kitty backpack? For real!

  • smarlo

    I really dislike the wing sides of these totes. I’d be losing everything willy-nilly!

  • miki_HK

    I thought she was really ridiculously beautiful… so I google her immediately… turned out…. looks better with sun glasses on. BTW this bag is just alright…. I like Celine Classic Box the most!!!!!

    • Or

      Agree re: “ridiculous beauty” – her mom is much better!

  • Guest

    “Ridiculously beautiful?” Hardly. She’s OK. Her mom was stunning.

    Not a fan of the bag, either. Makes me think of “The Flying Nun” or Sister Wendy for some reason.

  • thescm

    Nothing like high-low style. I like it.

  • Baghunter

    awww so cute, i mean the hello kitty bag pack ;)

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