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  • Humphries Frosino

    There it is a big discount for celine bags!

    • AlisonMGonzales

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  • wynn

    girl needs a stylist

  • Dovechoco

    Love Iggy!!

  • Guest

    “…when you see someone carrying a Dior bag and hopping in to a six-figure
    ride with her NBA player boyfriend, it’s usually safe to assume they’ve
    attained some degree of celebrity.”

    Everything that’s wrong with our society today can be summed up in this one, poorly-written phrase. Yes, I AM channeling my mother. As usual, she was right.

  • These purses are really so nice and attractive. They suit with everyone for their nice and attractive colors. For more details

  • This looks like a nice big bag for business women

  • Fashionista In The Oven
  • Casey

    I love that the DiorAddict bag looks like a easier to use version of the DiorBar, and I really hope more people start carrying because I think it’s so beautiful

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