Hilary Duff carries an Yves Saint Laurent Cabas ChYc

There is SO a “Many Bags of Hilary Duff” post coming down the pipeline. In the past few weeks alone, Hilary has been rolling out some fab bag choices – first the Givenchy Antigona, then a Goyard Tote she was using as a baby bag, and now, this exceptionally stylish Yves Saint Laurent Cabas ChYc Tote. This YSL bag has become a favorite among famous ladies who can bankroll a ridiculously awesome bag collection. You can snag one for yourself for $2450 via Net-A-Porter.

If you’re thinking “Wow, Hilary Duff is looking amazing these days!” It’s true, though in these pictures, she is leaving a hair salon in L.A. Which is kind of cheating. But the Duffster is looking super chic and polished here – not like the “ever-so-slightly frazzled mommy” or “celeb trying to discreetly leave a Pilates class” looks that we’ve featured from her in days past. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole salon outing was just sheer paparazzo baiting. These pics are totally gonna be all over the glossies next week.

  • shueaddict

    It’s that time of the year … I hit my targets at work and I am mentally spending my bonus already … The YSL Cabas was quite possibly the top of my list … I lusted over it for months now … until I saw it in person – 3 times in various airports …on the arms of busy women. it does not hold its shape at all and the worn out look does not become it. Seeing these pics on Hillary kind of confirms it. Am I very wrong?

  • Joanna

    It’s calling my name! I must say designer / luxury handbags are definite investment. Can’t wait to start my collection :)

  • kim

    This is isn’t the regular Cabas Chyc…I’ve been looking for this one because as you can see in this picture, the leather that makes up the large Y-like shape along the top and down the middle is a different texture than the rest of the bag…It was released as one of the first generation Cabas Chycs and I’ve been hunting for a couple of months! Please help :)

    • shups

      Hongkong, Singapore and Bangkok should have the ones you’ve been trying to get your hands on.

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