Hilary Duff out and about in Beverly Hills, LA

To sate your afternoon thirst for celebrities with enviable handbags, today we bring you Hilary Duff, who’s ferrying her scowling tot and all of his uh, necessities, with the help of a sunny yellow Goyard St. Louis Tote. Hilary hit up Bristol Farms in L.A., donning some adorable floral jeggings and stylish hi-top sneaks. (Those are the Isabel Marant Boston Sneaker Wedges, btw.) There’s still just a hint of Disney princess in that artfully arranged scarf and that precariously balanced ballet bun, but baby Luca, however, is totally punk rock in his skull-and-crossbones pants and black knit beanie.

We’ve seen even more proof in recent days that Hilary is using her chevron print Goyard as a permanent diaper bag. Is this straight-up designer bag abuse, or no? (Is it any worse than Kourtney Kardashian using it as a beach bag?) Goyard tote owners – are we correct in thinking this bag has NO pockets? So all of your pre-bottled breast milk and spare diapers and Tupperware snack containers would just be knocking around in there together? Do mothers not crave a little more organization, or is it totally worth it to eschew traditional diaper bags and just go for the Goyard? You can pick up your own St. Louis tote for $1285 via Goyard.

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  • http://dontaskmetosmile.wordpress.com/ dontaskmetosmile

    Yes, the bag has no pockets. But she could easily put in an organizer or use pouches, etc. to organize all her baby things. So I don’t think it’s a big deal.

    Then again, I’m childless.

  • anouk

    What’s the fuss, luvs?! These are BAGS, to begin with, and not diamonds or babies for that matter. Meanwhile, I like Hilary, Katie Holmes, SJP & Kourtney K. (i know it’s a bitter pill to swallow!, but I give this to Kourtney. She’s really one heck of a mummy). They are the epitome of a mom unlike other celebrities out there who just carry their tots for the paparazzi’s sake (with of course their reliable nannies a few steps behind them)!

  • FashionableLena

    For me, this would have never been functional. It needs a large outside pocket and a bottle pocket on each side. Opening a bunch of pouches is inconvenient especially when changing a diaper. Try opening a pouch with one hand while trying to control a crying (screaming) baby. A diaper bag also needs structure so that it can stand up and all of the diapers, wipes, change of clothes, etc. won’t fall out. Structure also helps to keep things in place.
    Thank goodness I am way past this stage. I love my boys, but I am not a baby person. Hard work, LOL!

  • Joanna

    I love it. Very modern and stlish. It could always be modified and make baby friendly by adding an organizer to it :)

  • Laura

    I don’t understand the outrage-shock either. I am kidless but it doesn’t sound very appealing to have outside zips considering paps clamor to get to an inch of you and “I” would be a little paranoid and doublechecking a bottle hasn’t fallen off (but I am ocd and make sure I have my card/purse every few hours) Def would not keep anything that would fall off outside pockets. Just like she has a wallet I’m sure she prob has a mini bag in there and the rest is thrown as is. I had a big school bag & my handbag inside. A baby if they are crying no matter how organized you have it won’t make you feel more in control. I don’t remember any celebs carrying the organizer type bags. I agree about nannies. I may not be fan of kartrashians but K is a good mom.

    If you look she has a seater hanging out for the shopping cart. No amt of pockets will keep that in a compartment! Maybe since I am babyless but I look forward to this stage (non paparazzi for me- thank GOD!) btw, I am 90% sure Luca hates the paps in just few months. He looks happy in the pics she puts up on twitter and sour when paps are snapping. Not that I blame him I would think it is strange and scary to have 10 unknown ppl with huge cameras on you!!

    Innyway Let’s face it these $1000 bags are like 10 buck bags to us lol They don’t look at its brand as assessment

  • Laura

    If I had the $$ I would use them too, the bags look much sturdier than others for carrying a boat load of items.

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