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  • harah

    Just because she has a chanel bag doesn’t mean she is not normal nor frazzled. A C bag is strong and able to hold all necessities! She’s always chatting with other moms. Why would they get intimidated?

    • harah

      A little projection perhaps?

  • Guest

    If you think this is what moms are thinking about, clearly you don’t have children.

  • shueaddict

    it’s not just the chanel, it’s the Hermer cuffs too … however … she lives in LaLaLand, she’s famous, she’s rich and she’s young. I say go for it, girl!!!

  • Millerette

    I love her so much! She is a doll. Love those sunglasses too!

  • siobhan

    She should have an oversize kelly for a diaper bag and several Cartier diamond studded bracelets instead of those junks she’s wearing! That huge chanel and logo makes her look like she’s carrying a billboard.

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