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  • abbi

    are you sure thats not a phantom?

  • arnav

    It is in fact a Phantom Luggage, the zipper pull is braided

  • rada

    so over $5,000 in bags just to bring to the gym? i like my high end bags but using them for the gym is just excessive. we really are living in the age of excess.

    • ottercat

      Agree. She should wear a “let them eat cake” and “pap’s — shoot me now” signs while doing her cardio. The bags are lovely, but would not choose this venue to take them for a walk.

      • Mya

        They are HER bags! She can carry them wherever she wants. Stop assuming you and the Hollywood elite live in the same world.

      • Absolutely! If you pay $5K for bags, you better use them till the bitter end.

      • doudoufeiyu

        you can find so many kinds of bags here.

    • anouk

      Excessive??? these are bags, luv! i use my Phantom to the gym, to travel, to the beach. Relax, it’s not a baby!


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  • Guest

    Beautiful bags, but unfortunately, they don’t really cover what she’s trying to hide. More weight lifting of a different sort may be in order!

  • Sarah

    What in this world is Hilary Duff doing to even afford these bags? I haven’t seen her on TV In like 10 years.

    • viennaprinzessin

      She’s married/separated to a hot hockey playing Canadian billionaire.

      • Sarah

        Hockey players aren’t billionaires. Definitely a millionaire though and enough to buy those purses. Thanks for clearing this up;)

      • viennaprinzessin

        His family is one of Canada’s wealthiest. They own timber, minerals, and trains. He’s a billionaire. Who plays pro hockey on the side. I should have explained better. His name is Mike Comrie. In Austria, he was considered one of the ” most eligible”

      • I never knew that…

  • Aww love the givenchy!

  • I love these bags!!!These are worth paying for.


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