Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Givenchy Lucrezia Bag

Here’s model/actress/exquisite dresser Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, heading into a London studio for a shoot, carrying a Givenchy Lucrezia Bag. This Lucrezia looks a little flashier than most because of the chain trim, which is quite the contrast to the white Dolce & Gabbana bag we spotted Rosie carrying at Cannes. You can find Rosie’s exact Givenchy Lucrezia for $2,995 at Neiman Marcus.

Cannes was absolutely overrun with supermodels and fabulous designer handbags this year (and probably every year), and you can see all of our favorites in “The Many Bags of Cannes Film Festival 2014 Attendees”. Rosie also has her very own edition of “The Many Bags of…”, of course, and she’s probably due for a follow-up “Many Bags” sometime in the near future.

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  • Sandy

    This is a great bag, love it!!!!!

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