Gwen Stefani carries a white Fendi Spy Bag (1)

Gwen Stefani was recently spotted heading into No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal’s house in Los Angeles with a bag we haven’t seen for a spell: the Fendi Spy Bag. This bag is a total throwback to the halcyon days of the mid-2000s “It Bag” craze. Fendi hasn’t produced Spy Bags for several years now, and this one sort of looks like it’s been sitting in the back of Gwen’s closet for a while, but we’re glad she decided to take it out for a spin, if only for purposes of our own nostalgia. You can shop current-season Fendi at Neiman Marcus.

Let us all take a moment to fondly remember the pricey designer hobo bags of yesteryear. The mid-aughts were such a weird time for fashion, weren’t they? The whole decade was really such a bizarre hodgepodge of trends. It’s hard to properly assess how history will view that period in fashion such a short time out, but it’ll be interesting to see how we look back on the early 2000s, much further down the line.

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  • Zu

    That cool! Only b’cause i had same bag from those time :) speaking ’bout bag this fandi bag will always be in ours hearts :)

  • purseblogger

    zu learn how to spell

  • anouk

    One of the MUST have “It-Bags” of all time! Hands down!

  • Cody88T

    Is it 2004. I love it

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