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  • Handbaghandbag

    I disagree with the MLT losing its appeal. Especially not for me as I do not let celeb drive my desire for my or a handbag as they do not let my desire drive theirs!!

    • Natalie

      Handbaghandbag I couldn’t have said it better! I agree with you, and find that celeb fashion choices (especially accessory-related) are not a good example of what is appealing or not, nor of what is “in” or not. Celine bags are beautiful and timeless, and constantly evolving. I’m sorry Emily, I think you went off on a wrong tangent!

  • Kett

    It may not be a Birkin, but I see it having the staying power of some of the other modern classics like the Balenciaga motorcycle bag. Some things are just so nice that they stick around.

    • anouk

      I’ll second to that! I have a Chanel, Celine Luggage Tote, Fendi, 4 LVs, 3 Bottega Venetas, 2 Pradas, Gucci but I always am gravitating for another Balenciaga motorcycle purse in my already vast purse collection.

  • Purse lover

    I have to disagree as well. The Celine luggage has reached a point of being more of classic than a trendy IT bag IMO. It is not as exposed and is carried by those who appreciate the simplistic modern design and functionality. It is a beauty!

  • jassbags

    If you know YOUR Bags this is one of the many classic bags, must be part of your collection

  • doudoufeiyu

    I like luxury bags too, but I don’t think luxury bags stand for anything. just it is a life style. here is my shop , you can fink so many kinds of bags here.

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