The Many Bags of Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria isn’t a fashion star in the same way that some of the people we’ve profiled (like Miranda Kerr) are fashion stars, but she’s a celeb who knows exactly what she likes, has a very distinct personal style and rarely deviates from that. In my mind, that’s just as respectable as being in of-the-moment pieces at all times, if not more respectable – it takes backbone and a clear vision of how you want to dress. Naturally, that sense of style extends to her handbag collection as well.

Longoria’s collection contains mostly functional, reasonably neutral bags, but the place where it gets interesting is the brands she chooses – Eva seems to be as big a fan of Coach as she is Hermes, and not a lot of celebs can say that they take such an egalitarian approach to their wardrobes. Both brands (and all the brands in between) look right at home on Longoria’s arm because she obviously knows exactly the look she likes. If you like a celeb who doesn’t bow to trends, you’ll love this collection.

  • Hilary Sloan

    This was an excellent slideshow.

  • Guest

    I think she’s terrific. Pretty, talented, not often in the tabloids. My idea of what a “star” should be. Her recent cat food commercial is incredible. (And I hate cats!) Who knew she could dance like that??!

  • Amanda

    Fun collection!

  • AshleyG

    my faaaaavvvvvvveeeeeee collection so far!

  • ShirleyStyle

    I admire people who stay true to their style instead of blindly follow the brand names.

  • Steph

    I don’t know why the layouts keep changing for the gallery. It was really slow for me and some pictures didn’t load. It was more enjoyable to look at the photos with the original gallery

  • grace

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get rid of this new slideshow view– it doesn’t load well and many pictures have to refresh multiple times

  • dana

    don’t know the woman, but she has a nice bag collection

  • Chloe

    Please bring back the “VIEW ALL” option. It is painful to click on each and every photo (not to mention scroll down on each photo to be able to view the entire photo since the pictures are too big to fit my computer screen). This new format has made me stop going over the “Many Bags of…” feature, which is actually my favorite feature of this blog! (I lasted ’til photo no. 9 for this feature)

  • Katrina

    Yes, please, bring back the “view all” option. It is such a time saver to have all the pictures in one page. And since the photos are huge, they take time to load.

  • LML

    I adore her style but maybe only 2/3 of these bags. The pink Gerard Darel is horrible!

  • Reader

    Please bring back the view all – I too have stopped reading this feature

  • anouk

    ohhh! Why can’t I view the photographs?????

  • Ari_Kostan

    Nope, can’t see this gallery, at all. Please fix it.

  • Belle

    I think she has the hip bag as well I’m not sure though

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