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  • Steph

    YES! I’ve been waiting for another one of these posts, their my fav!! Can you please do Rachel Bilson or Miley Cyrus next?!

    • I’ll put both of them on my list – I write one every Thursday!

      • Steph

        Great! so excited :)

      • Heather

        Beyonce would also be an amazing profile, she has carried some pretty covetable bags over the years, for example she is the only celeb I’ve seen with the ULTRA-RARE Louis Vuitton Patchwork tribute bag, retail value $45,000 !

      • steph

        also lauren conrad would be fun too

  • Alexis

    I love her bags especially the Lanvin box clutches!

  • Laura

    I am IN LOVE with Emma Stone. So glad you chose to highlight her this week!

  • Ingrid

    I hope you’re not saying that the man in picture 10 is Alber Elbaz.. because it’s Judd Apatow!! haha

    • Nope! Just that she attended with him, which explains her head-to-toe Lanvin outfit. There weren’t any good pics that showed both Alber AND the clutch at the same time.

  • Love her bags. Love her more!

  • missdennies

    Great choice for this week! She is so lovely.

  • bryologue

    I watched Spider-Man just for her! =P Anyway, only leather for Emma. Very lovely and I like her everyday bags, more than her red carpet purses because they seem to reflect more of her easy-going personality. She seems to be quite gravitated towards hands-free bags and I love her for that!

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