Emma Roberts Christian Louboutin Bag

I’ve got a little crush on Emma Roberts. I’ve seen her at quite a few events and she always seems approachable and like an overall nice girl, the kind of girl with whom you’d like to have lunch and go shopping. It doesn’t hurt that she’s Julia Roberts’ niece, but Emma has made quite a name for herself in the hard-to-enter entertainment industry and it seems the fashion industry has taken a liking to her as well, mostly because of her casual day-to-day style and ease of changing to prim and proper for events.

We all know celebrities and the rest of the world knows and loves a good red soled Christian Louboutin shoe, but many do not consider their daily bags as contenders in the accessory world. I’ve watched the designs change and over the past couple seasons Christian Louboutin has truly stepped up their handbag game. Emma seems to think so too and it looks like she just can’t get enough of her Christian Louboutin Justine Spikes Bag.

This bag is from the Fall 2012 collection and after seeing a version of it in person, I was just as hooked as Emma seems to be. The leather is super soft but still sturdy enough to stand up to daily use, just what a designer bag should be. As much as the spike detail may turn some away from the bag, all it does it lure me in. I love that the spike detail is tonal because it gives the bag a more feminine appeal than an overly rocker edge. Truth be told, I am turning from a Christian Louboutin shoe girl to a Christian Louboutin accessory girl, a shoe and handbag lover alike. I really love this bag. Price is $2,595 via Neiman Marcus.


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