Ellen Pompeo carries a white Lanvin Trilogy Tote in LA. (5)

Here’s Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo, carrying a Lanvin Trilogy Tote in LA. This pebbled Italian leather bag is a fabulous choice for summer – big enough for eight different pairs of sunnies, a giant bottle of sunscreen, a few beach reads, plus all your usual accessories. It’s currently available for $1125 on SSENSE – that’s half off the original retail price!

Ellen is notoriously a bit surly with the paparazzi – I can’t tell if she’s about to give one the finger here, or if she’s just been caught during a rather intense moment of conversation. Also, Grey’s Anatomy is still on the air, somehow. It was just renewed for season 10. Ellen Pompeo hasn’t done any other work since 2005 – nor has she needed to, I imagine!

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    And with a long-running TV show that will, presumably, go into syndication, she’ll never need to work another day in her life. Who knew that being rich enough to buy an $1,100 handbag (if it wasn’t given to her), thin, AND famous would put someone in such a pissy mood?

    Or perhaps she just has gas…

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