Elle Fanning carries an ivory Celine Trio Bag (5)

Ten years ago, the Fanning sisters had a complete lockdown on every premium child acting role in the biz. Nowadays they’re all grown up, still acting regularly and still enjoying the fruits of their early success. Here’s an adorable, hippie-tastic Elle Fanning, carrying a chic ivory Celine Trio Bag while shopping with a gal pal in Studio City, CA. We actually caught her sister Dakota Fanning with this bag in blue several months ago. If you’re on the hunt for a Trio of your very own, check out Portero’s selection of authentic, pre-owned Celine bags.

I’ve waxed on about my love for the Celine Trio at length (my Trio bagshare offer still stands, ladies!), but I’ve heard a few readers lament that filling the bag with your personal effects completely ruins the bag’s profile. Elle seems to be carrying a fair amount of stuff in the front compartment of her bag here – I think the bag’s design can withstand a little bulge, but what say you, PB readers?

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