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  • mllep

    She does seem to be flawless in photos. I love the little lipstick on the key ring and her skirt is beautiful.

    • anouk

      She was soooo nice & friendly when she was here in Brussels….

  • Alena

    wish I had her porcelain skin!

  • Maria

    Who made the sweater?

    • Eli

      And who made the skirt?

  • katia

    I love the sweater to!

  • anouk

    She has impeccable style! I so adore her old-Hollywood glamour from day-to-night. She’s the epitome of modern-day lday!

    • anouk

      addendum: modern-day lady*


  • shueaddict

    can this woman do no wrong ? oh wait, Marilyn Manson …
    I love the way she is so committed to her look, great choice for a feature, she has such distinctive style.

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