Dita Von Teese Chanel

I don’t know what you guys look like after you go to the gym, but I look like an absolute mess. I don’t even look all that attractive on the way in – I’m going to ruin anything cute I try to do or wear immediately, so why bother? Well, something tells me that, “Why bother?” is a question that burlesque legend Dita Von Teese has never asked herself. Dita’s look is predicated on the structured, tailored, ultra-feminine, never-a-hair-out-of-place look of the 1940s and 50s, and she sticks to it rigidly.

We know that these pictures were taken of Dita as she exited pilates class because of the familiar blue wall in the background – seriously, celebs love this particular studio – but if the photo agency hadn’t stipulated that Ms. Von Teese had just finished a class, I might have assumed that she was simply there to drop someone off. From her petite Chanel Flap Bag to her Parisienne ensemble to her meticulous hair and makeup, no one has ever looked less like they just got done sweating it out at pilates. (Although, to be perfectly frank, I’ve never seen any evidence that Dita sweats at all.) If she can make all that happen in a gym locker room, what else are the rest of us complaining about? The only indication that she’s been doing something practical, of course, are the ballet flats on her feet.

  • PhotoGirl

    That’s an awful lot of makeup to wear to a serious exercise class — and I’m someone who doesn’t even take out the trash without putting lipstick on, first!

  • renee

    At first I was amazed but after looking closely at the pictures I thought, well, it’s really a matter of changing into a skirt, brushing your hair, and putting on some lipstick. It’s just that most people wouldn’t bother to do even that much. Me included! But I do sort of admire her tenacity. I suppose if you get into the habit it’s probably not really all that much effort. More of a mindset.

  • BklynBabe

    The legs… the veins, etc…. ; – ((( Poor Dita, if I were her I would not want this picture online.

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