The Many Bags of Diane Kruger

When I was thinking of the next person we would highlight in our Many Bags series, I realized the gorgeous Diane Kruger would be perfect. But then again, this post could easily be called The Many Chanel Bags of Diane Kruger, because this leading lady is quite the Chanel aficionado. That isn’t surprising, as the German born actress has been featured in Chanel advertisements. On top of that, she is one of Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite ladies and is constantly seen head-to-toe in Chanel standing next to her good friend Karl himself.

The blonde-haired beauty has been in a relationship with Joshua Jackson (who I only associate with Dawson’s Creek to this day) since 2006, and Kruger is spotted with him almost constantly, whether they’re at events or just doing normal couple stuff. Her style can be described as prim and proper for the most part, but when she dresses down she epitomizes casual chic. Other than Chanel bags, Diane is clearly a major fan of designer brands and has carried some of the most beautiful accessories over her years in the spotlight. Come to think of it, she might have the most enviable closet of all the celebrities we talk about.

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  • Stefania Arduini

    Love her bags. especially the Chanel ones. and lastly, Josh Jackson…. drool..

  • fyun

    And he reached the door to open for her…..what a gentelman :) I love Josh!

  • weaslgrl

    The bags are great, but the most spectacular thing on her arm by far is Josh!

  • mlle p

    I have been inches away from Joshua Jackson at a boutique and he is even cuter in person and very tall.

  • Melanie H

    I always remember Joshua Jackson in “The Mighty Ducks” first, and then Pacey. Maybe I didn’t watch enough Dawsons Creek. BTW, bag drool!

  • crazybaglady

    Diane looks absolutely stunning in her Prada & Chanel dresses- wow. What a handsome couple!

  • Flaw

    I think that´s her Hermes Constance inside the maybe-Chanel straw basket in photo 23

    • roberto miranda

      it is a Constance bag but the basket is not Chanel, at least not from 2010, which was heavily embellished and it had another shape

  • Oliana-starbags

    She is one very stylish lady!

  • Janelle Okwodu

    Such an elegant woman, love her taste point.

  • Loveable

    Her best accessory is Joshua Jackson… just kidding! I love her Chanel collection.

  • kay

    please do a many bags post on dita von teese!

  • citizenlen

    I always love Diane’s acting, but her fashion style is very boring. Please tell me she did not pay $2k for that straw basket that you can get at Michael’s for $10.

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