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  • jetsetheart

    She looks great but…wow, I can’t believe you identified this as a Chanel classic flap. This is a Chanel, but it’s a seasonal flap, not classic.

  • katie

    When the write of a purse blog is less knowledgeable than the readers, readers get less intrigued to read anything that they have to say. That is NOT a classic flap.

    • Louch

      Phew – thought I was totally wrong what a Classic Flap looked like!! I actually prefer this bag and it suits Coutney’s casual look better than a flap.

  • AMDG

    How did this get published? It wasn’t that long ago that you linked to an older article on classic flaps and reissues. I don’t know the name of this seasonal bag, but i’m sure you could find out on the purse forum, lol!

  • Ashleyg

    I tend to find the humor in Emily’s writing style instead of maliciousness and I think she gets a bad break sometimes… That being sad, I really REALLY like the bag that Courtney is carrying and it’d be very nice to know this particular Chanel’s true identity. And this is just my two cents, but I think much of the criticism of late is not so much the readers wanting to bash the writer as it is a reflection of the high expectations we all have of this blog because of the high bar you guys have set. It’s YOUR fault that we expect near perfection from you :-)

  • Pixel_Queen

    You have wrongly identified the bag AND spelled Ms. Cox’s name incorrectly. I am just going to be blunt and say that your writing is not up to the standard that I have come to expect from the Purse Blog.

  • Hmk

    Anyone knows what is the name of this seasonal bag?

  • adriana jasmay

    Maybe Emily Anderson is an intern?

  • Pilar

    Does nobody proofread anymore??

  • sable

    For whatever reason, i have a total dislike in hoop earrings. I just find it not so appealing on anyone who wears them.

  • easonvae


  • elly

    does anyone know the exact name of this flap bag. I have searched everywhere for this….
    does it come in caviar leather?

  • Adrine

    Nice bag… really big though!

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