Chelsea Handler was recently spotted carrying a Goyard St. Louis Tote through LAX after returning from a trip to New York. The versatile St. Louis Tote is becoming an increasingly popular choice for celeb travel. It seems to make an ideal carry-on, but we’ve also seen other, more sizable Goyard bags used as beach bags, baby bags and shopping totes. They’re apparently the all-purpose, anything-goes designer bag for daytime, but tragically, they’re not available to shop online.

Chelsea isn’t a celeb we feature regularly here on PB by any means, and I don’t feel like I’ve seen her in a lot of the weekly glossies either. I wonder if that’s because she partakes in way less red carpet tomfoolery than everyone else in L.A., or because the paparazzi are just genuinely afraid of her.

Chelsea Handler carries a Goyard St Louis Tote Blue-4

Chelsea Handler Goyard St Louis Tote Blue-3

Chelsea Handler Goyard St Louis Tote Blue-1

Chelsea Handler Goyard St Louis Tote Blue-2

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  • Sophie Proust

    Love the lovely Chelsea and her lovely Goyard. Does anyone know how much these bags weigh? I assume they’re very lightweight, no? I’ve been thinking about getting one for travel, but I want something super light.

    • TM Lawyer

      They are super light weight – lighter than the LV Neverfull.

      • Sophie Proust

        Thanks so much, TM Lawyer! Do you happen to have one? Just wondering if they’re durable, since they are so light.

      • TM Lawyer

        Yes. It is really thin, light and durable. I use it or my LV Neverfull when I travel. They both hold so much, fit nicely under a seat and are easy to clean.

      • Sophie Proust

        Awesome. Thank you!

  • Katherine

    Finally, a celebrity that dresses sensibly for traveling! You should definitely feature more Chelsea and less Kardashians (even if they are carrying rare Birkins).

  • Guest

    Never mind the bag (and that’s saying a lot because I have one and love it) look at that figure! Wow! She looks terrific!

  • Michelle

    Chelsea is actually a really huge Goyard, lover !! <3 love her xoxo

  • william

    Chelsea who? … no talent loud mouth who can’t even coordinate.

  • Go here

    Best “light weight” travel bag is the LONGCHAMP. Also LONGCHAMP has a zipper and folds up easily. Goyard is a little hard material wise and has no zipper.

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