Not being of British extraction ourselves, we had to Google to find out who singer Louise Redknapp is, but we certainly didn’t have to do any searching to identify her handbag: It’s a Chanel Boy Bag, of course, from the 2013 Metiers d’Art collection.

Celebrity Handbags at Wimbledon 2013 (6)
  • anouk

    That’s the tennis player Ana Ivanovic and not the wife of Nemadja Vidic. Both women do have the same names but not related.
    Also, it’s not royal-in-law. It’s just Pippa.

    • Amanda Mull

      Ahh, SplashNews had her misidentified, then. I’ll edit the post.

    • Courtney

      Oh Good Lord, don’t take everything so literally. It’s a blog, for goodness sake….She’s using a little “Creative” writing to throw in to mix things up a bit. And actually she IS in-law to royalty so she didn’t say anything wrong.

      • Eli

        I agree. If Pippa’s not a royal-in-law, then what do the British call the siblings/families of their wives?

  • g

    the first ID was correct, that is NOT tennis player ana ivanovic

    • Amanda Mull

      I am so confused.

      • Katrina

        That IS Ana VIDIC.

  • Steph

    No victoria beckham?

  • Jovana

    Hahaha, hey Amanda, I am from Serbia, and I can say 100 percent that this is Ana Vidic, try and Google Ana Vidic and you will identify her. Kisses

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