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  • Dominic Leto

    Barneys Chicago has had a black Celine Luggage tote for several months now. I have never inquired on the price, but I am sure a quick phone call could settle any inquiries.

  • Dewi

    Actually this bag came into Jakarta’s store around early/mid 2012 and it retailed around $33,000 with the currency at that time. It looked darker when you see it in person

  • Ella

    Have seen this one for 23,000 euro in Amsterdamm march 2013

    • anouk

      whoa!!!!!! that’s a whole lotta euros there, luv! i can only drool. my daughter’s college education comes first!

  • Guest

    Gorgeous! I like toe bag, too.

  • cat

    lovely bag!

  • Khaya

    Beautiful croc bag!

  • isa_matias

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