Charlize Theron Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Bag

Here’s Charlize Theron, arriving at LAX with her son Jackson and boyfriend Sean Penn, carrying a Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Bag. The Soft Lockit is a brand new launch for Louis Vuitton, and Megs penned an extensive review of this reinvented LV classic earlier in the week. The Soft Lockit does, of course, come with a very A-Lister price tag – you can purchase it for $4,250 at Louis Vuitton stores. It’s not currently sold online.

If we were to create a handy infographic of “Celebrity Designer Handbag Endorsement Rankings,” Charlize Theron would be standing on the same pedestal with Angelina Jolie. Both women do a superior job of evading the paparazzi, and from what limited photographic evidence that we do have, it seems that neither of them rotate their bags nearly as often as the Reese Witherspoons or Hilary Duffs of the world. Speaking of which, we saw Reese Witherspoon with her own Soft Lockit just last month.

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  • HfromT

    LOVE the bag…don’t love all the photographers. Must be a bit terrifying for her son.

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  • JaneH

    Her son needs sunglasses too.. The flashes must be blinding :P

  • Louch

    I can understand why Sean Penn gets agro and lashes out at the paps – can’t they leave women with young children alone??

  • Atika

    I don’t like the bag mainly because the design isn’t new. There is a similar if not the same design from Tod’s or Coach. And its just way too overpriced.

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