Charlize Theron wears a Mickey Mouse t-shirt in Beverly Hills, California

Two things to marvel at in this pic: Charlize Theron‘s uber-short buzz cut, AND the Alexander Wang Pelican Satchel! The new ‘do is for Theron’s upcoming movie role in Mad Max: Fury Road. Charlize is seen here leaving a lunch date with her mom in L.A. – wearing, I swear, one of the same outfits she donned in her 2011 flick Young Adult (which is a worthwhile movie night pick, if you like movies that are more sad and slightly snarky than not). Her Pelican can be had for $985 at Barneys.

We suspect Charlize’s cut-out, lace-up sandals are also Alexander Wang, but we don’t have any conclusive proof as of this posting. Per usual, feel free to weigh in if you feel these are definitely something other than Alexander Wang, or if you, like us, have a powerful hunch that they’re something from AW that the general public can’t get their hands on just yet.

  • Megs Mahoney Dusil

    I think she looks great with the buzz cut (I don’t think I could pull it off!). And the bag is really making waves!

  • Ugonna Wosu

    she looks amazing!

  • Jill

    I love the bag and I also loved the movie young adult! It was sad but definitely witty.

  • ????? ??????????

    This is the single Alexander Wang bag that I love, and she looks beautiful whatever ‘do she’s sporting. What a woman.

  • dinabobina

    As always, she is stunning! Love the bag, want it!

  • Amanda

    That bag is gorgeous and she’s always stunning!

  • kathleen

    Love this bag! Am going on Barneys to order it now = )

  • pahoajo1985

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