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  • Laurakasbaum

    I would kill for Naomi’s hot pink Luggage Tote…but I’m pretty sure I would have to sell my house to afford it. I’m in love with anything pink, much to my husband’s dismay.

  • Sebastien

    Awesome post, the bag has also exploded on the streets as well it seems that every well-heeled girl is carrying one in NYC. 

  • Sandra Rowley

    There is just something about this bag….that makes me not completely adore it.  I have almost purchased one several times, but decided on something else.  Now that everyone has one….I am thinking the out of control popularity has got to subside before long.  I am thinking that I would prefer to have something new….Does anyone else think of a face with its tongue sticking out when they look at it?

    • Alexis

      You’re not the only one. The more i looked at this bag the more it reminded me of a face with it’s tongue sticking out.

    • Me too….I keep thinking it’s going to start talking to me any minute.  Ya, just can’t get over the “face.”

    • Nefertiti Habibi

      Not only that, but it looks like the old-fashioned Kool Aid ad campaign’s Pitcher!

    • Zubaidah

      Yes, that’s what I thought the moment I saw the bag =)

    • Vbogaert


    • Jerri R

      Reminds me of the Gimp in Pulp Fiction, with its zippered mouth hole.

  • Maria

    Those bags (other than the classic black) seemed to be custom-made for the celebrities and the elite. I’d love to have one. Has the result of the Celine giveaway out yet?

  • Tmkamson

    love the tote. really

  • Thais Molina

    Isn’t she Elle Fanning?

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    I was starting to think the Celine Luggage totes were over-carried and uninteresting, but then my eyes met the green Nano…..

  • nn

    nice one.

  • Kena

    I love the Celine Luggage Tote so much, I even wrote a short storty about the bag!

  • This is such a cool bag still

  • Jannicke

    I absolutely LOVE the Nano-version or Dakota’s white one! This bag has me drooling, but as I live in Norway, getting my hands on one is absolutely impossible! So, eye candy for now…

  • crazybaglady

    Love all the celeb shots with their BEAUTIFUL Celine Totes!!

  • Ambarillo173

    Love the blue as always:-)

  • good

  • Roxane

    how much are they ??

  • Zzz

    But these are mostly old pics from months or years ago! Makes me wonder if Celine commissioned this article?

  • Jerri R

    I cannot get into the huge gussets. Feels like a lipstick could just fall out and get lost. Or a pen.

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