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  • jackiequeue

    Bella Hadid is so committed to looking dour at literally all times. It’s weird imagining what it must be like to hang out with her. I mean, is it all “hey, Bella! Want to grab coffee?” “Only if it’s black… like the void where my soul is” all the time with her? I feel like if you asked Karlie Kloss that question you’d at least get a straight yes or no.

    Jenna Coleman looks adorable and her bag is such a sweet compliment to her outfit. I am also surprisingly really feeling the fuzzy bag in the last slide. It’s such a weather dependent look though — it seems so appropriate when it’s overcast and gray. But I live in the desert, so not so sure how well that would translate to 100 degrees and sweaty. :/

    • crescent

      She’s also committed to choker necklaces. The 90s called and they want their choker back

      • jackiequeue

        Right? I think it would irk me less if she went FULL 90s — I’ll take the choker if she also pulls out the Reebok Pumps, frosted tips, and Senor Frog shirts. Otherwise it just seems half done.

        Plus it pains me that she was probably born after all of those things were popular.

    • Gigi

      Honestly, I think that’s just her face. Many times people will ask me what I’m mad about, and I realized that I’ve got resting bitch face

  • Sandy

    Is that a Dior fencing outfit in slide 20?

  • JHH

    I realize when I looked at this thread that I live in a US-centric bubble. Who are most of these people?

  • sunny

    #16 is Yuyu Zhangzhou, a Chinese-parisian fashion blogger.

  • SusieQ

    The bag that Audrey Marnay is carrying is a version of the millennium bag that Chanel made specially for 2000. It was a limited edition. I have it in all black.

  • Smithy

    Some gorgeous bags on some equally gorgeous and stylish women (minus Bella Ha-douche and Jaden Super douche)

  • Uuy

    #15 Kozue Akimoto, who is a Japanese model and the daughter of legendary sumo wrestler Chiyonofuji

  • sev2108

    Your commentary on each photo is the best. You must have so much fun googling all these people.

  • C

    That bag in #5 and your caption is the funniest. It looks like a neoprene lunch bag you take to work.

  • Cami

    Emily Ratajkowski’s clutch is from Tory Burch’s latest collection and it’s ?

  • FashionableLena

    Lily Allen can do no wrong. I want to be Karl’s bestie!

  • TSH

    #25 is Tory Burch.