There’s no other way to start than with patron saint of Milan street style, Anna Dello Russo. The Vogue Nippon editor-at-large is known for wearing some of the most ridiculous runway looks almost exactly as they’re styled for shows, and she finished off this Dolce & Gabbana look with a Dolce & Gabbana Miss Dolce Embroidered Shoulder Bag. Pick up a similar bag for $1,595 via Neiman Marcus.

The Many Bags of Celebs at Milan Fashion Week (12)
  • Guest

    This is definitely a different feel from the NYFW. I’ve been seeing Blake Lively’s picture everywhere and I must say that she deserves it. It’s plain and simple and flaunts everything that is good about her – it makes her look even more like a goddess!

    • Amanda Mull

      I always find it really interesting to see how the look changes between NY, London, Milan and Paris. Each city has a very distinct fashion vibe to it, even in an increasingly globalized industry.

  • bananadelrey

    I definitely love these Italian fashions more than any other.

  • LW

    Some people have more money than sense. A sash? And that hat?

    And that Mom should tell her kid not to pick out a wedgie in public. lol

    But Selena and Blake hit it out of the park. Gorgeous.

  • anouk

    That GUCCI clutch is <3 !!!!!

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