Jessica Simpson Speedy

The pic is a bit old, but the caption still goes. What is she wearing, what is she thinking, let’s Caption It!

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  • blonde

    i think it sute its just the man is not.
    nick was a much better choice.

    • kash

      I totally AH-GREE :cool:

  • cherubee

    Yes I KNOW the car is this way and DON’T call me honey.

  • Karly

    her: Exuse me!, I am Jessica Simpson, you dont talk to me that way!
    him:.. sorry miss. simpson :(

  • Sarah

    Does anyone know what size speedy she has?

  • katy


  • kristina

    I just have to say that jessica has just about very speedy that has been made I think it is the 30.

  • Naggy

    That bag goes with anything. (ipad)

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