Bling Ring Closet Raid

When it was first announced that Sofia Coppola would be directing The Bling Ring, which comes out tonight in NYC (the rest of the country will have to wait a week), I nearly jumped for joy. It’s been a couple years since the original story of Alexis Neiers and her crew of celeb-robbing buddies came into the public eye, so naturally I went back and read just about every news article and story on the case I could find. I refreshed my memory by watching old YouTube clips of the short lived show Pretty Wild, which was based on Neiers’ life in LA, reread the ever-so-popular Vanity Fair article by Nancy Jo Sales, and eventually fell into reading the book (which I’m currently finishing at the moment). It’s safe to say my parents, friends, boyfriend and co-workers are all eager for the movie to come out just so I can stop talking about it.

However, for as much as I’ve read on the subject, it still boggles my mind how a group of high schoolers were able to pull off some of the biggest heists in Hollywood history. They managed to break in and steal millions of dollars worth of clothing, bags and shoes from their favorite celebrity stars, eluding capture for months. With all that in mind, we couldn’t help but ask ourselves: if we could raid any celebrity’s closet whose would be it? After much deliberation, we’ve come up with ten favorites, but whose do you wish you could raid?

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  • LaTrenda Singletary

    Hands down…Hilary Duff & Ashley Olsen. They can do no wrong to me :). Now if only I were their size

  • Petra B.

    Definitely Miroslava Duma, Jenna Lyons and Alexa Chung. They’re my style inspiration and we do have similar taste.

    • shueaddict

      I had to google Mira Duma – she really is an interesting chick.

      • Petra B.

        Yes, she combines clothes masterfully.

  • Deedee

    I’d go for Victoria Beckham’s purses. Too bad I can’t fit her clothes.

  • EGlez ?

    Hands down, Posh’s bag collection.

  • Sandra

    Mine is a stand off between Olivia Palermo and Miranda Kerr….I guess if I had to choose I would choose Miranda’s closet…I have several of the same bags but in different colors….and that Balenciaga moto jacket, divine.

  • Christine

    Already been said, but Victoria Beckham- without a doubt. Would need a few semis for all the Birkins however.

    • classicsgirl898

      agree with you 100%!!!

  • Cami

    I´d start with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Miranda Kerr´s, make my way to all six of the Kardashian-Jenner closets and finish off with Victoria Beckham and Olivia Palermo. Maybe raid the Olsen twins on the way too. We can dream, can´t we? Haha.

  • Guest

    Victoria Beckham, L’Wren Scott, Rachel Zoe, Tamara Mellon (oh, the shoes! the shoes!!), Naomi Campbell, Iman, Margherita Missoni, Isabel Marant, Beth Shak (can you tell (I have a thing about shoes?)

  • Rashida

    Kim Kardashian. Her shoes, her accessories! I would skip on her maternity clothes though!

  • Debbie

    If I could fit into Rachel Bilson’s size, then definitely her closet.
    Blake Lively’s shoe closet
    The Kardashians, mostly Kim’s since we have a very similar shape (pre pregnancy). I’d leave the dresses since she has terrible tacky taste in formal wear. But I love her basics, shoes, and handbag.

    p.s…. I adore Kate Bosworth.

  • Lilla

    Why Rachel Bilson not listed? She has the most varied bags of any celeb, and I would into to he closet(s).

  • Anuja

    How could you miss Miranda Kerr??!! She’s got an impeccable sense of style!

  • Chris

    Victoria Beckham wardrobe. I do not fit into her clothes, but perhaps her handbags and sunglasses? And I really really like Jessica Alba’s and Olivia Palermo’s style.

  • Cathy

    I’m surprised no one mentioned Lauren Conrad’s wardrobe! I totally agree on Victoria Becham, Miranda Kerr, and Rachel Bilson should have been on the list as well.

    • Petra B.

      I think that Lauren Conrad’s style is nothing special. She dresses like an average teenage girl with those floral or nude dresses. I don’t say she dresses badly, but it’s a little bit twee and certainly not fashionable.

  • anouk

    Rachel Bilson’s and Sarah Jessica Parker’s definitely!!!!

  • yongsuk

    Can you help me? Where can I buy a Miu Miu tote bag with old worn out look?

  • Mellow

    The Kardashians for sure because they are women with real curves!! Normal body sizes and a lot of BAGS!!!

  • Bumblebe

    Kourtney Kardashian! Love her bright and adventurous style

  • FashionableLena

    I Giovanna Battaglia for handbags and clothes. Her style is impeccable.

  • Eva

    Victoria Beckham, Petra Ecclestone, Kris Jenner and Nicky Hilton. They all have breathtaking bag collections!!

  • Gail

    Rachel Zoe. Love her aesthetic! I would take it all!!

  • buffmom33

    Zoe’s and Nicky Hilton not listed and Victoria Beckham also not listed!!

  • Scottsdale Kim

    Definitely Rachel Zoe since she collects a number of vintage bags.

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