beyonce handbag style

Globe trotting is a hobby that we all wish to indulge in a-la-rich-and-famous. Beyonce has been spending time gallivanting in Europe and was spotted shopping in the streets of Paris, France. Looking stunning, Beyonce paired a chic dress with tights, hot Louboutin heels, and brought it all together with a chic designer handbag. You know the drill!

Name that Bag!

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  • ecmd7

    Zac Posen — Iconic Tote, $1,295.00.

  • Lauren

    man…a celebrity has my purse!! I feel so special..its a zac posen bag!

  • yep zac posen

  • Drucilla

    What I wanna know is the name of THAT RED ONE in the pic linked above!! Help!!!

  • jonathan

    beyonce you are my life I LOVE baby

  • Lamb-Chopzz

    Zac Posen, duhhhh!!!! :roll: :roll:

  • yasemn

    ı love you beyonce ????????*

  • hose

    Nice to see an A-lister wearing sheer tights she’s got fantastic legs anyway but sheer tights just makes them stunning.


    that bag would be cute in YELLOW AN GREEN!!

  • jc

    you look so hot in those tights!!!

  • Sophie.C.W.

    I got to tell you.SHe is not a bt.She is a beut.

  • Naggy

    I hate her bag. (ipad)

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