Bethenny Frankel carries a Celine Luggage Tote in NYC (5)

Real Housewife and lady entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel is hardly ever seen without an Hermes Birkin, but is it possible her Birkin fatigue is as advanced as everyone else’s? (Our “The Many Bags of Bethenny Frankel” post was almost 50% Hermes Birkins. And 60% Hermes. No lie.) Here she is with a cheerful, bright orange Celine Luggage Tote. As we lamented in this post just yesterday, Celine is still tragically not available from a single online retailer. Still, you can find their bags at Celine boutiques and high-end department stores worldwide.

If you love designer shoes as much as you love designer bags, you might notice that Bethenny’s boots appear to be tan Christian Louboutin Altbottes. (For a near-constant shoe fix, we recommend you check out our sister site, TalkShoes!)

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    I like this bag better anyways!

  • Trisha

    I like the bag and the coat is to die for. I always like Bethenny’s sense of style.

  • Guest

    “Birkin fatigue?” I think not. But in the unlikely event that I’m wrong about this, please forward those Birkins that you’re so tired of directly to me. As for Bethenny, I grew tired of her quite some time ago.

  • Jensine Stirling

    wow great bags, i love it

  • Jensine Stirling

    I simply fell in love with this bag when I opened the box. The hardware is really nice quality and the bag has a nice feel overall. The straps feel secured. I definitely loved the detailing that this bag offers. It’s really spacious, I could easily fit inside my ipad 2, cellphone, wallet and two small bags.

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