Bethenny Frankel carries a Celine Luggage Tote in NYC (5)

Here’s former Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel traipsing around NYC, juggling her pink-loving three-year-old daughter Bryn, a pink teddy, a doggy bag and a bright, bubblegum pink Celine Luggage Tote. You can shop quite a selection of pre-owned Celine bags at Portero. If you’re in the mood to check out the rest of Bethenny’s Birkin-tastic bag stash, feel free to peruse through “The Many Bags of Bethenny Frankel”

Bethenny seems to have recently traded in her crazy stash of Hermes Birkins for a new collection of Celine Luggage Totes. (And when I say “traded in”, I mean pushed to the back of her closet.) She owns at least two of these – we’ve also seen her carrying a bright orange Celine Luggage Tote. Avid Bethenny fans will definitely notice when the Celine stockpiling begins, if it hasn’t already.

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  • Guest

    Since when does a three-year-old have to be carried around like a baby?

    • ninaf


    • cbl

      why the hell not? it’s her baby girl, she can do what she likes.

  • NB81283

    I’m thinking if I had paparazzi following me aggressively I’m picking my little girl up too.
    Come on!

  • tlb

    Wow, her little girl looks exactly like her ex-husband, such a little cutie

  • tlb

    Wow, her little girl looks exactly like her ex-husband, such a little cutie

  • muckidu

    I’m totally impressed by her balancing skills!!! Have you tried carrying what she does in those heels?!? WOW!!

    • doudoufeiyu

      maybe it is cucci

  • grandslamgfx

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