Bag that Style 6-27-09

This week on Bag that Style we saw:

Heidi Montag carry Prada and continue to annoy us [Link]
Stephanie Pratt attempting to ride the publicity wave with her friend and her Chanel [Link]
The Kardashians karry klutches [Link]
Selena Gomez continue to stump us with another handbag option [Link]
A $33 Candie’s Glazed Hobo on Britney Spears [Link]

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  • laur

    Was Britney promoting ‘Circus’? e.g. rally monkey on neck

  • Laur – I didn’t even notice that!! Hilarious!

  • Pamela M

    Ok, I swear I’m not even trying to be mean, but to me, anything I see Ms Spears wearing, carrying, or even driving, somehow looks cheaper just because or her. And I honestly have NO idea why! So I don’t even want to see her carrying that Kelly that I spied the link to above!!!

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