Actress and fashion designer Ashley Olson covers up by holding her American passport at LAX

You’d never be able to tell, but that’s Ashley Olsen whose face is being obscured behind a bag of her own design in the pic above. During this paparazzo airport encounter, Ashley and her handler were both toting The Row Day Luxe Tote, in alligator and regular leather, respectively. The good news: you’re in luck, luxe-lovers – The leather Day Luxe Tote is currently marked down to $3239 over at Barneys. (That’s a whopping 40% off!)

The bad news: you’ll probably never be able to get your hands on the gator version in this lifetime. Once upon a time, Amanda reported that it retailed for over $30K – and that was when you could still find it online. Ashley and her sis Mary-Kate are the creative directors behind The Row, and while their bags are muy pricey (especially for a brand that’s still practically a baby on the handbag scene), they’re also gorgeous and generally well-regarded. You can see other jaw-droppingly expensive, but obscenely beautiful The Row bags in “The Many Bags of the Olsen Twins”.

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