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  • Yeranikm

    I have carried my luxury bags to the gym (never my Chanel though) but I always feel like a total arse every time

  • Hazel22

    I have this same bag in black and I do sometimes carry it to gym, or tennis or wherever. Truly, it is nothing to do with flaunting….it is just convenient if that’s what my stuff is currently in.

  • I have this same bag in black too,but it’s a fake haha!

  • Does anybody knows the price of Chanel Cerf Tote?

  • Kathleen

    Chanel Cerf Totes in this size are currently $3000 pre-tax in US Chanel Boutiques

  • kate

    I never bring luxury bags to the gym. I’d either have to lock it away in a locker (which I don’t think is that safe) or bring it around with me to machines (which are super germy!)

  • Karin bag4bag

    Ashley takes her Chanel to the gym whereas I stuff my change of clothes and car keys in a plastic bag. Oh dear, that is sad ! Ahh what different lives people live.

  • tbestes

    I saw this same bag going home with a lucky lady at the Chanel boutique in Nordstrom (Portland) last night. It is gorgeous and the color is a really nice change from black/tan.

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