Twilight star Ashley Greene leaves the gym in Studio City, CA

Twilight star Ashley Greene was recently snapped carrying an oxblood Chanel Cerf Tote while leaving the gym in LA. (What ever happened to ye olde gym bag?) Interestingly enough, this is the same bag we spotted Joan Rivers with earlier this month, proving that Chanel works with either luxe furs or tie dye tees. (Though some of you might find the latter debatable.) Chanel bags, as you know, are only available from Chanel boutiques and high end department stores. Be sure to check out Ashley’s ridiculous calves after the jump…

PB readers, I must ask – do you carry your prized designer bags to the gym? And do you do it because they’re really totally practical and completely suited for every situation? Or is just another opportunity to flaunt your designer wares at an unsuspecting public? Be honest!

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  • Yeranikm

    I have carried my luxury bags to the gym (never my Chanel though) but I always feel like a total arse every time

  • Hazel22

    I have this same bag in black and I do sometimes carry it to gym, or tennis or wherever. Truly, it is nothing to do with flaunting….it is just convenient if that’s what my stuff is currently in.

  • ubrandbags

    I have this same bag in black too,but it’s a fake haha!

  • Ana Paula Marques

    Does anybody knows the price of Chanel Cerf Tote?

  • Kathleen

    Chanel Cerf Totes in this size are currently $3000 pre-tax in US Chanel Boutiques

  • kate

    I never bring luxury bags to the gym. I’d either have to lock it away in a locker (which I don’t think is that safe) or bring it around with me to machines (which are super germy!)

  • Karin bag4bag

    Ashley takes her Chanel to the gym whereas I stuff my change of clothes and car keys in a plastic bag. Oh dear, that is sad ! Ahh what different lives people live.

  • tbestes

    I saw this same bag going home with a lucky lady at the Chanel boutique in Nordstrom (Portland) last night. It is gorgeous and the color is a really nice change from black/tan.

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