Ashley Benson carries a black Saint Laurent bag in West Hollywood (5)

Pretty Little Liars actress Ashley Benson was recently spotted leaving La Conversation Cafe in West Hollywood with an unidentified pooch companion. If her bag is giving you a little deja vu, you’re not alone – that’s the Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour Bag, and yes, it’s very much like a Saint Laurent Birkin. Even so, it’s a very attractive bag, IMO, and wonderfully minimalistic. Also, it’s about $7,000 less than your basic Birkin, which is always a plus. You can pick it up for $2950 at Net-A-Porter.

My high school French is a little rusty, but doesn’t “Sac Du Jour” translate to “bag of the day?” That’s quite an amusing name to bestow on such a luxe, nearly $3,000 Saint Laurent bag. I like that Hedi Slimane clearly has a sense of humor. For celebs like Ashley Benson (and countless others, of course), the title is probably quite literal.

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  • barbara

    love this bag!!!

  • Hadrien

    well designed bag .

  • Lara

    I thought the name was Sac de Jour – which translates to Day Bag.

    love the bag in any case!

  • bonita

    i just bought a Sac De Jour small leather tote in purple .. debating if I should swap it with another color say black? What do u guys think .. i should add that i opted for the mini/small, since the regular ones are heavy and a bit too large for me .. any thought?

    • Lady V

      You can have any other bag in black… keep the purple.

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