Anne Hathaway Balenciaga Papier A4 Mini Tote

Here’s a gal we don’t see on this blog nearly often enough: Anne Hathaway! Here’s Anne leaving the restaurant Cheebo in LA with a friend. Her petite yellow bag is Balenciaga Papier A4 Mini Tote. (Could you recognize the brand’s trademark “bag face” in this teensy size?) You can get Anne’s exact bag in “Citron Yellow” for $1,195 at Balenciaga. Anne’s entire outfit here is ridiculously charming, and makes me desperately wish it was a little more spring-like in my neck of the woods.

Anne has kept an exceptionally low profile since her Oscar win last year, and for good reason – the Anne Hathaway haterism had gotten a little out of control, and I think the entertainment media was largely to blame. (For shame!) I’m no stranger to snark, but I am loath to snark on someone for being a tad over enthusiastic at times, what when there are so many celebs making horrible wardrobe/life choices in the world!

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  • kindled

    Love Anne Hathaway, she is fantastic. I do not get the hate.

  • Emma

    like the bag, not the outfit. And love Anne Hathawat :), I feel bad for her that everyone hated/hates her

  • Amanda

    Adorable. I don’t get the hate :( Jealousy I guess.

  • Jack

    The bag is actually the “BALENCIAGA MINI PAPIER A4 ZIP AROUND CITRON YELLOW” at $ 1345.00 (notice the zippers on the sides)

  • FashionableLena

    I am neither a lover or a hater of Anne Hathaway. I just find her extremely boring. She even ruined The Devil Wears Prada to me which is the only movie of hers that I’ve ever watched.
    The bag is cute, and it gives her black and white ensemble some much needed color. Does the bag have some type of closure?
    Her blouse is actually kinda cool.

  • Rebecca

    The fact that someone would pay $1200 for that tiny toy purse is insane.

  • rada

    I’m usually a fan of suede moccasins in fun colors but in this case not with that outfit. Everything else works. I like Anne and it’s good that she keeps a low profile.

  • Camila

    I don´t hate her but it´s hard to imagine why someone who can look as good as she did in the second part of “Princess Diaries” wouldn’t want to look like that everyday. Her outfits in “The Devil Wears Prada” were to die for. I know she didn’t pick them but it’s not like she doesn’t have the resources to keep that up.

  • Buckwear

    Nice Couple

  • Faith Kesington

    This is my favortie mini bag! I have it in navy and I get so much use out of it. It’s pretty roomy too.

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