Amy Poehler Clare Vivier

Let me preface this entire post by saying, in my humble opinion, Amy Poehler can do no wrong. (Though I’m not certain how she managed to get cornered by that dumpster.) Here she is, keepin’ it real in NYC with her uber-affordable bag selection – a black Clare Vivier Messenger Bag. This Vivier can currently be obtained via ShopBop for the very un-ridiculous price of $363. And, like all Clare Vivier bags, it’s made in the USA! God bless America…

Now, let’s talk about Amy’s little puffy vest, slouchy knit cap, bateau top ‘n jeans ensemble. Is it adorable? YES! Contextually, does it make her look a bit like a very clean-cut dumpster elf? Maybe just a little! Or a Land’s End model who’s about to get mugged in a dirty alley, and looks unreasonably happy about it? Sort of! And are those Doc Martens? Are we bringing Doc Martens back? Just say the word, Amy, and I’ll go buy six pairs. Then we can be fashion twins! (P.S. PurseBlog readers, if you don’t like “Parks & Rec”, I’m not sure we can be friends.)

  • patty

    Is AMY a dumpster diver?

  • Pixel_Queen

    Good god! She looks like a bag lady with lipstick. Dreadful.

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