Allison Williams Rebecca Minkoff Elle Studded Satchel

Here’s one of Girls leading ladies, Allison Williams, filming on location for the hit HBO series in NYC. She’s carrying a white Rebecca Minkoff Elle Studded Satchel (or her character Marnie Michaels is carrying one, I suppose). Either way, a bright white Elle is a great bag for summer. (Interesting Allison Williams factoid: She’s the daughter of NBC News anchor Brian Williams. True story.) You can currently find a black Mini Elle for $395 at Nordstrom.

A few months ago, designer Rebecca Minkoff allowed us to take a peek inside her purse during NYFW for one of our What’s In Her Bag features. She was carrying a Rebecca Minkoff Perry Satchel, naturally. You can examine her Fashion Week arsenal in “What’s In Her Bag: Rebecca Minkoff.” You can also take a gander at her Spring 2014 handbag collection here.

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  • Lori

    Why are TV handbags always so empty? They could, at the very least, put a few items to give the bag a sense of weight.

    • andredre47

      I was just about to post the same thing! It’s like costume designers don’t realize that most bags look different with actual stuff in them.

  • Rosa Lily

    Not an attractive bag at all, empty or full. Looks like a Canal Street knock-off.

  • Tortoisescam

    I have this in black, it is one of my favorite bags. It looks really edgy IRL. The leather is amazing.

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