I know, a Birkin. I’m just as surprised as you are. If you read my celeb posts regularly, you know that Birkins are not exactly my cup of tea. While the more extravagant varieties can be fairly easy on the eyes, Birkins have always seemed a little one-note to me. But I was surprised when I saw Katy Perry, dressed in her cozy-casual winter best, with her wee 30cm Hermes Birkin. The smaller size makes the bag seem, well, cute and somewhat, dare I say it, modest? (I still think it’d be a lot cuter at half the price, however.)

  • Averil

    Hilarious article! And I agree with all the choices you’ve made, especially with the Coach and Alexander McQueen bags!

    Hope you had a merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all at Purseblog =)

  • citizenlen

    Not impressed with the Mansur Gavrel bag. I thought the simplistic design is just that- simple. These exact silhouettes- tote and bucket-duffle bage are found in other leather store for half the price with just as good a leather and the entire process is made in Italy. Though they do have a variety of interior colors, but overall very overpriced for such a simple cut of leather. I will wait and see what other designs these two churn out next year. From the sound of it, they are making everything in Italy next year and I am sure the price will sky rocket.

  • tlbarre22

    I can’t believe Rihanna didn’t make the list. She’s carried some amazing bags this year as well.

  • anouk

    i’m not a Kim fan but i do love the Bottega!!!

  • Chantal McCulligh

    I love this look as well. Khloe is my favourite as Kim is too superficial, but this outfit and handbag is killer.

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