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Carlos Falchi Super Shopping Tote

Big is Beautiful. That seems to be the new motto for this spring. Large bags are super trendy this time of the year, my guess would be the fashion industry is trying to sell you chic enormous bags to fit more in while going on your extensive shopping sprees. The truth is out there. Either way, the Carlos Falchi Super Shopping Tote has earned its right to carry the Super tag, considering its size. It should actually get its own category, as I don’t really see it fitting into the Totes category much. Truely remarkable!

The Super Shopping Tote is handmade of soft and supple Italian black leather, which is gorgeously highlighted with an exotic crocodile flap and artful topstitching. Though spacious, it comes along in an utterly luxurious fashion. The sublime tote finishes with a sumptuous satin interior in an elegant floral print. More exotic materials are crafted into the shoulder strap, which is made of snakeskin and has an 11 inch drop. Additional croc flaps at the base of the bag add even more luxe. Overall, this shopper comes for a reasonable price of 1,595 dollars, which is a steal when you consider all the exotic mats that were handcrafted into this beast of a tote.

Carlos Falchi Laser Cut Tote

Some of us are a little southern or have a little southern twang. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m kind of a country girl. Well, that is a lie. I’m quite the city girl, but I do like to believe I have a little country in me somewhere. If you like to think the same thing or if you are just trying to get in on the Western style vibe out there, there is a bag I’d love for you to look at. The Carlos Falchi Laser-Cut Tote has a rugged name along with its rugged look. This tote is crafted from pearlized smoke pebble-grain leather with red/rust/gold/green/and purple floral embroidery and some colorful whipstiching trim. It all sounds like a bit much, because it is a bit much. But for some this laser- cut scroll pattern tote may be just that country piece you have been looking for. I have the awful problem of being able to picture myself wearing so many bags with a few outfits, but the truth is there is no way I can afford that. With all its jazz, this bag may warm up to the country girl in you- or make the city girl in you realize why you like the city. Either way this bag can be purchased through Neiman Marcus for $795.

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Carlos Falchi Large Doctors Bag I always enjoy seeing a designer range in the spectrum of bags: from good to the hideous. Carlos Falchi, you have already done hideous. Finally redemption for Mr. Falchi, at least in my opinion. Here comes some glitz in a nice sized and shape bag. The Carlos Falchi Large Doctor’s Bag is able to make up for his lack of beauty previously. This showy bag is made of soft grained metallic leather and shows off chunky topstitching and decorative tassels. I really like how the overall shape of the bag comes together to only lure me in a little more. For your shoulder, there are topstitched leather shoulder straps which will drop down about 9″. This should be ample space to tote this bag around under your arm. While many of us ponder if metallics are still in, I want you to realize that not only are they in, but this bag is quite a hit in the metallic department. I like to see a metallic that is not too over the top but still glam. Point for Mr. Falchi. On the inside you will find satin floral lining and a three-compartment interior. So when you open this bag up or let someone peek in, they will see a beautiful inside too. I really dig the size and shape of this bag- not too big, not too small, but just right (15″ x 7″ x 5.5″). If you are in the market for a metallic bag, I think you should check this beauty out (or if you are in the market to fill my metallic bag void- either or ;-) ). Available via eLuxury for $665.

Carlos Falchi Nubuck Tall HoboGreen is the color of life and growth. Actually, I think my older sister tried to corrupt my mind when I was younger and tell me it was the color of something else… I won’t mention it unless any of you do! I must admit I don’t think I have ever owned a green bag. Well maybe I have. But nothing recently. For many reasons, the Carlos Falchi Nubuck Tall Hobo is growing its greenness on me. This beautiful moss green colored hobo made from nubuck leather looks simply divine and supple. My favorite parts of this bag are the shoulder strap, buckle, and stitching. I am always looking for a bag that stands out. That is a bit out of the ordinary, which of course, helps me justify buying it. Let me start with the stitching on the bag. What I love is that the tonal leather topstitching down the sides is big and noticeable. Usually the topstitching is there but not chunky and in your face- and this bag stitches its way right in your face (yes, I did use the word chunky- yikes). Next we find the gorgeous tonal braided leather shoulder strap. It is nice to see that many designers are changing up shoulder straps for a little spice. Finally we are at the focal point, and my favorite part of this bag- the top flap and wooden buckle. If Mr. Carlos was looking to grab my attention, he sure did. This is how you draw people in. Not everyone may like this bold center piece, but being gutsy is more than worth a try. Actually, I remember another time when Mr. Carlos tried to be gutsy – I gagged. But this one, unlike the latter, is a sure hit. Overall the bag measures 14 1/2″H x 16″W x 2 1/4″D. Buy it for $675 via Neiman Marcus.

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