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Carlos Falchi bags are known for their exotic skins and bright bold colors. Carlos Falchi is not afraid to experiment with colors, which is evident from the
patchwork East/West tote we reviewed earlier this summer. So if you would like to be able to meet Carlos Falchi or see his designs, make sure to check out his trunk show schedule!

Sept 4-5: Bergdorf NY Trunk Show and Personal Appearance 12-4
Sept 19: Neiman Marcus Houston Trunk Show and Personal Appearance 12-4
Sept 20: Neiman Marcus Northpark Trunk Show and Personal Appearance 12-4
Sept 25: Saks Boston Trunk Show only 12-4
Sept 26: Saks Chicago Trunk Show only 12-4

First of all, let me start off my saying, Happy Friday! I am sure there are plenty of you out there right now counting down the hours, or maybe the minutes until it is officially the weekend. With the weekend drawing near, I thought to myself, what better way to get the weekend going than with this Bombe Python Flat Clutch? I am a sucker for clutches; I honestly just love them. So, when I stumbled across this clutch, I had to share it with all of you! Obviously, the color of the clutch, purple, caught my eye first. I love sporting a clutch that completely makes my outfit pop and I feel this clutch could definitely do that. Whether you are wearing the perfect little black dress or your favorite pair of jeans and a cool top, this clutch could complete your outfit!

Now that I think about it, I have spent many nights recently glued to my couch watching the 2008 Olympics (I am pretty sure many of you have done the same thing). Usually around mid-week I begin thinking about weekend plans, and of course, what I might wear and which bag would go with the outfit best. So, I think it is time for me to have TiVo record tonight’s Olympic events and go out on the town. Now, if I could just have this clutch to take with me, I would be that much happier. The snakeskin material, magnetic snap flap closure and zip inside pocket just make me want the clutch even more. Plus, I like options and this clutch has a golden chain strap which can be stored in the bag. I rarely find myself using the strap, but it’s nice to have options. All I need to do is save a bit of cash and I can buy this fabulous clutch through Saks for $875.00.

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Carlos Falchi East/West Tote with Patchwork

Carlos Falchi has been a long time favorite of mine, as his exotic handbags have caught my eye and always seem to end up in the more reasonable price range (as far as exotics go). Carlos Falchi is not the new kid on the block, in fact he has spent three decades forging his way into the fashion world. He prides his designs in the meticulous details and craftsmanship, along with exotic skins and an impeccable eye for a handbag that stands out. If you rely on your accessories to make your outfit, Carlos Falchi handbags are perfect for you. I have never been much of the flamboyant dresser, in fact, if you ever find me out and about there is a 95% chance that I am in jeans of some sort and a tee shirt. My handbags truly accentuate what I wear. The bold colors, skins, and designs make me and my outfit stand out, and not get lost in the crowd.

After getting close and personal with the Carlos Falchi Multi Patchwork Tote, I have a new love and obsession. This is the handbag that will allow me to always stand out, to always get that second glance, and all I need to wear are my comfy jeans and plain white tee. Funky and modern this handbag will have stay-power in anyone’s mind that sees it. But I do not think for one minute that all of you will love this bag, it is far too bold and colorful to meet everyone’s fancy. But there will be the group of you, who like me, is head over heels for this bag. (more…)

Carlos Falchi Small Shopping Tote
Carlos Falchi Small Shopping Tote

When many big name designers are pushing out leather hobos for over $2,000, it is time to prioritize. I refuse to buy a lifeless, uninspired bag because the designer name on the front. I expect quality, luxury, and a bag that will last me for seasons. In fact, many are straying away from the big designer labels to find the designers who will appeal over time and through trends. Exotic handbags are still a driving force in the handbag world, and designer Carlos Falchi knows precisely how to cater to this crowd. Carlos Falchi handbags implement exotic skins, chic designs, bright colors, and reasonable (for what you get) prices. I love the bright eye-catching green of the Carlos Falchi Small Shopping Tote! The color is bold and in your face, but perfect for spring and summer, and perfect for next spring and summer, and the next and the next. The top opens with a magnetic closure and there is a zip pocket, blackberry, and cell phone pocket inside. The inside is lined with microfiber, which has become the go to for couches and the like because it is lush and easy to clean. Dimensions are 14″W X 13″H X 5″D. Buy through Saks for $1295, which is very reasonable considering it is exotic python skin.

carlos falchi boat hobo
Carlos Falchi Boat Hobo

Carlos Falchi has always been a designer that I find very intriguing. While I find the man behind the designs interesting, the designs are able to speak for themselves. While he also uses leathers, Falchi employs the use of exotics to brand his name, showing us eye catching bags in python, ostrich and crocodile. But now I am drawn in by the demure Carlos Falchi Boat Hobo, whose sleek and slouchy design I find appealing. The shape is a typical hobo, which leaves the black python skin to do all the work. The shoulder strap is braided, adding another dimension. I am a little let down by the print nylon lining, only as I crave something more luxurious when opening this bag. The interior means business, with a key clip, two zip pockets, two open pockets, and two pen pockets. Buy through Saks for $2450.

Carlos Falchi Large Python Drawstring Tote
Carlos Falchi Large Python Drawstring Tote

As my mom and I browsed Saks today, she was drawn to an exotic handbag hanging from the mannequin. One look and I knew it was Carlos Falchi. She loved the python, the handle, the bunching of the skin. Next thing I knew a gal passed us by sporting a different Carlos Falchi handbag. It was like an eye-opening experience, well, kind of. I think many Carlos Falchi bags are hit or miss (a total hit would be the ostrich clutch!). The exotic handbag look is still a huge hit, and while the economy slumps, many handbag aficionados are checking out more affordable but still chic exotic handbags. I am not saying Carlos Falchi Large Python Drawstring Tote is exactly more affordable, but it still is cheaper than many of the huge designer house exotic bags. While this bag is available in both red and dark brown waxed python, the red is a sure hit. It adds the color spring is asking us all to wear and the exotic skin that we crave. There is a 6.5″ drop from the top handles and a drawstring top. The inside is lined in sumptuous microfiber and features a side zip, two cell phone pockets, and a key holder. Dimensions are 11″H x 13″W x 9″D. This is a handbag my mom loves; casual, exotic, and a little different from usual. Buy through Saks for $2,725.

Carlos Falchi Ostrich Clutch

Simplicity at its finest, this handbag looks so chocolately I could just eat it up. I have a thing for ostrich. And I think many people either love or hate ostrich. The leather is very distinct, yet in the right color and high quality skin the combination is divine. Upon first glance, I was lured into the Carlos Falchi Ostrich Clutch because the espresso color on the ostrich leather is smashing. The clutch is ultimately simple, merely offering a front flap on a rectangular body and an optional chain strap. It is great that some clutches offer the optional chain strap, but many times it simply is not needed. Many clutches look leaps and bounds better being carried in hand or under the arm, rather than dangling from a chain. This would be one of those clutches. The inside features a zip pocket and dimensions are 5 1/4″H x 11 3/4″W x 1 1/2″D. This bag is simple, but it works. Buy through Saks for $1,270.

Carlos Falchi Crocodile Envelope Clutch

A structured clutch is just as hot as a structured handbag. I am a huge fan of envelope clutches because they are simple, refined, and modern. The Carlos Falchi Crocodile Envelope Clutch shows off black matte Caiman Fuscus crocodile with a front flap. There is an optional chain shoulder strap, but with a clutch like this I would simply adorn my hand with its beauty. On the inside, there is a small zip pocket and suede lining. Dimensions are7″H x 14 1/4″W. For a crocodile clutch, I would not turn to Carlos Falchi first, but this is still a beautifully made clutch. Buy via Neiman Marcus for $1995.

Carlos Falchi Deerskin Double Pocket Hobo

And after red, comes white (duhhh). So for our first white bag of the day we have the Carlos Falchi Deerskin Double Pocket Hobo. Don’t give me a hard time, I know it is ivory, but it is close enough no? This hobo is made with supple deerskin leather and is put together with tonal topstitching and a woven shoulder strap. I love the simple front drawstring pockets. This hobo measures 12″H x 12.5″W x 5″D and is available through Neiman Marcus for $995.

Carlos Falchi Super Shopping Tote

If you have been wondering what gives on the lack of posting this week, I apologize now because it was my busy life taking away from what I really love to do. Having other things to do then writing about bags just bothers me more than you know. Who really wants to work? Not I! So after a short absence, I am back and even have a nice vacation planned starting tomorrow. Be jealous, be very jealous. Hopefully while on vacation I can even pick up a new bag or two or 586,904. More like one, and that is if I am *very* lucky.

If I had my choice of one new bag, I may be looking for an over-sized tote. The Carlos Falchi Super Shopping Tote is designed from smooth Italian leather along with exotic snakeskin and crocodile. The snakeskin comes together for the shoulder strap and there is an alluring crocodile flap closure with discreet magnet closure. Along with the supple leather, these two exotics show off the bag beautifully. Inside to add a little feminine fun there is satin floral lining and a zipped pocket. Overall this big bag measures 19″ x 19″ x 6″. I like how it is different for a big black bag. Buy it through eLuxury for $1595.

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