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Now that fashion shows are marketing events as much as they are functional opportunities for industry professionals to plan buying and editorial for the season ahead, fashion has a scheduling problem. Consumers see the clothes when everyone else does, and more and more, they want access to it immediately.


Not long ago, I wrote about how obsessed I am with the Mark Cross Grace Box Bag, so you can imagine how delighted I am to bring you this sneak peek of the brand’s Grace bags and beyond from Fall 2015.


When it comes to handbags, we all know who the reigning kings and queens of the market are. As much fun as it is to check out new collections from big brands and gush over longtime favorites, we also believe in keeping a watchful eye on what’s next.


I don’t fixate much. As you’d imagine, working at PurseBlog involves looking at gorgeous stuff all day long, most of which is for sale, and that’s tougher for some of the team members than others. It’s generally not for me; I have a very specific personal style, and most things simply don’t fit into it, even if I think they’d be beautiful for other people.


Being a handbag lover requires a healthy bit of online shopping, and that means we’re just as interested in goings-on at our favorite retailers as we are our favorite brands. We considered it exceptionally good news, then, when we saw the brand new online face of Barneys New York, which launched just a few days ago.


Something about the light outside has changed. Even though it’s still cold in New York City, I wake up every morning and, somehow, my body just knows that we’re one day closer to spring. I’m ready for my closet to know, too; new collections are popping up all over the Internet, but I’d suggest starting with a little inspiration from the Bloomingdale’s Luxury Shoe and Handbag Lookbook.


As you’ve likely noticed, spring bags have started to arrive at your favorite online retailers in full force. Between the bags that are newly in stock and the sea of pre-orders that will be delivering in the next few weeks, now’s the time to shop for a new spring bag if you want the best selection of colors and sizes to choose from.

Ralph Lauren Ricky with Light and USB

There is only so much you can do with a handbag, which is why finding a great design when it comes to aesthetic, quality and price is so important. The vast majority of the time, designers are not looking to reinvent the handbag or what it means to consumers.


We’re always excited to hear about a new handbag line, but especially when it’s coming from one of our very favorite apparel brands. When Vince launched a pitch-perfect selection of shoes a couple of seasons ago, we were hopeful that bags were the next thing on the agenda.


The designer accessories market is, in certain ways, like the stock market. At any given time, brands and bags are moving up and down the rungs of popularity and profitability, and the key to being stylish is figuring out what’s about to blow up what’s about to fall off a metaphorical cliff.


This is it, this is the end–of 2014, at least. Now that we’re on the year’s 365th day, we can take an official look back at what transpired in the past 12 months in the PurseBlog world.


We’re only days away from bidding 2014 a permanent farewell, so now seems like an opportune moment to look back at the year in handbags. Below, we’ve enumerated the most important pieces on the handbag market in 2014; they might not be the most beautiful or the most popular, but they all left their marks in one significant way or another.

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