Beauty shopping online can be kind of a bummer. Not only is it often difficult to find exclusive products and special sets anywhere but in-store, but you’re almost always stuck paying full price for anything worth having. In a shopping landscape that’s been revolutionized by the Internet, the beauty industry has clung to many of its old ways. Until now, that is – that’s where Coterie comes in.

Coterie is a members-only online beauty site that gives consumers access to special offers on exclusive sets and products from in-demand companies like Stila, Kevin Aucoin and Perricone MD. We’ve teamed up with Coterie to bring you an interview with Lydia Mondavi, founder of 29 Cosmetics, which launches on Coterie today. Check out the interview after the jump or head straight to Coterie to sign up to get shoppin’. Oh, and make sure to tell your friends – for everyone you refer who makes a purchase, you get $20 toward your next order. (more…)

Ever since the fashion industry started to open itself up a little bit to the Internet, the problem of timely commerce has been looming. If the general public can see and get excited about a collection in September, why can’t we sell it to them in September? How do we get around the fact that Fashion Week is no longer simply a trade show for buyers and editors, but a media event viewed by potential customers the world over? Trunk show startup Moda Operandi made a big name for itself in the industry by being the first online retailer to feature clothes, shoes and accessories for pre-order mere days after they graced the runways, and it was only a matter of time before other retailers looked for their piece of the pre-order (and full-price) pie.

Neiman Marcus is the first major retailer to step up to the plate with a limited-time pre-order push similar to Moda’s, and they’re trying it out with a selection of ready-to-wear, shoes and (most importantly) handbags from a selection of designers as varied as Alexander McQueen, Chloe and Reed Krakoff. The pre-order period lasts through October 10, and the handbags are scheduled for delivery anywhere from January to April. My pick of the lot? The gorgeous, simple, pool-blue Reed Krakoff Python Track Tote above. Check out all of NM’s Spring 2013 presale bags after the jump. (more…)

I get used to talking about many of the same designers from day to day because let’s face it, they make great bags and they make bags that I love. But there are so many other options out there, and I would hate to leave worthy accessory designers out of our coverage. That’s precisely why I spend hours browsing online, flipping through magazines, and checking out lookbooks – so I will know as much of what’s available as possible.

Jil Sander is not a foreign name to the fashion world – quite the contrary. But Jil Sander bags have only been a blip on the radar, they have never reached out and grabbed my attention fully. That is, until now. Right when I saw the Jil Sander Malavoglia Tote, I knew it was a beautiful bag that deserved its own feature. So here it is for you Malavoglia Tote, your own post on PurseBlog. You earned it. (more…)

It’s happened. Summer has ended. I have no idea how this came upon us so quickly, but it did. Memorial Day always signifies the kick-off to summer while Labor Day represents the end, and with the passage of Labor Day not only does it mean summer is over, but also that we have to consider the old rule of no more wearing white. In today’s times, no one seems to follow that rule anymore, nor do they need to, but there are better options than carrying stark whites after the end of summer.

Instead of crisp white, opt for a black and white handbag combination which gives a modern vibe along with a fashion-forward finish. There is something so chic about black and white, and I find it even more appealing when done correctly on handbags. These three bags I picked are clean, no-fuss designs, and fresh looks to transition to fall and winter with a white touch. From Reed Krakoff to Chloe to Yves Saint Laurent, check out the three best black and white handbags to carry post-Labor Day! (more…)

Last week, I kicked off one of my mornings in an ultimate dream by having an intimate breakfast in the Bloomingdale’s Lexington Avenue flagship before the store opened. This breakfast was hosted by DKNY and Lauren Bush Lauren of FEED, whose mission is to create good products that help FEED the world, literally. I’ve been well aware of FEED bags for quite some time, noting different versions on the hands of celebrities and passersby alike. With a multitude of versions, seeing the newest FEED bag and the idea behind it is always exciting.

This time famed brand DKNY partnered with FEED to create the DKNY x FEED Survival Collection, which consists of three different items including a diaper bag, survival tote, and rain boots. (more…)

Tracking down and buying Loewe bags in the US is hard and because of this, I rarely think of the Spanish brand that makes such covetable bags. But the other day I was thinking of what brands we can feature that are different from the usual designers we’ve come to associate with designer handbags, and Loewe popped into my mind.

The Madrid-based brand is known by much of Europe for its beautiful leather goods, but most people in the US are not as familiar with Loewe. Though there are a handful of American stores that carry a few Loewe bags, it simply is not enough and this brand deserves so much more attention from us and the rest of the accessory loving world. (more…)

Oh, Tom Ford. The irrepressible, perfectly stubbled, always-tuxedo’d fashion icon debuted his eponymous line several seasons ago to much fanfare and even greater secrecy, and slowly, ever so slowly, the collection has started to leak out to more and more traditional retail channels. What we care about, of course, are the bags, and they’ve finally found their way to an online retailer for both our critical scrutiny and convenient shopping pleasure. There are few better ways to start a Friday morning.

It would be a little bit better if the designs themselves were more exciting, though. From someone like Tom Ford, I expected incredibly chic, anything-but-basic basics with exquisite details that would really set the collection apart. The bags are basic alright, but they don’t feel particularly distinctive; the company is missing an opportunity to make a very important branding statement that it has executed more effectively in its beauty and fragrance lines. As expected, the prices are high – think Bottega Veneta, if not a bit higher. Check out the high points of the collection after the jump or shop the full assortment via (more…)

When we told you about the CFDA’s and eBay Fashion Vault’s inaugural You Can’t Fake Fashion event to combat counterfeit handbags, the response was overwhelming. eBay’s litany of designer-customized totes sold out in minutes, which raised lots of money for the CFDA Foundation. The fundraiser is now back for its second time around the block, this time with one-of-a-kind totes from more than 75 American designers, in addition to the canvas tote on which totes on which those designs are based.

If you missed out last time, today’s your luck day – the limited edition bags launch on eBay at 11 a.m. on the East Coast, 8 a.m. on the west, and they feature looks from designers like Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren and CFDA president Diane von Furstenberg. The designer totes will cost $200 and will likely sell out quickly, but if you miss out, don’t fret – plain totes in several shapes with the event’s logo will be available for $45 while supplies last. Check out some of the designer totes after the jump, or head straight to eBay to snag your favorite at 11! (more…)

I’ve become a bigtime convert to the ways of Spanish leather good brand Loewe, mostly thanks to the genius addition of Stuart Vevers as creative director several years ago. Since then, Loewe’s handbags have become more modern and increasingly relevant to a fashion audience. It can be difficult to find these bags in a store to look at, but I’ve had the pleasure of trying on a few Loewe bags and I’ve been nothing less than impressed. The leather is wonderful, without exception.

Until February 3, US customers have an exclusive chance to preorder Loewe Pre-Fall 2012 via Moda Operandi, and although some of the color combinations aren’t new (particularly on the lovely Loewe Flamenco Bag), if you’ve been thinking about getting something from the brand, a pre-order is probably wise. Loewe’s bags tend to disappear from the Internet very quickly, particularly in much sought-after bright colors. We have all of the pictures after the jump, including several lust-inducing (and wallet-emptying) exotics. The multicolor ostrich Amazona rings in at a steep $14950, with the monotone croc going for $20,000 and the multicolor croc topping things out at a staggering $35,500. All leather, on the other hand, will run you a more modest $2150 or $2400, depending on whether the color is solid or varied. Flamencos? They’re also $2150. Pre-order through Moda Operandi. (more…)

No matter where I go in New York or who I talk to, once people find out what I do for a living, almost all of them ask me if I know where they can get a Celine bag, what I think of the Celine bag they want to buy and if I have a Celine bag myself. As we’ve noted over on BagThatStyle, it seems like a new celebrity pops up carrying one every day, and judging by the long pre-order lists in stores, none of the Celine hysteria is going to abate anytime soon.

Even stock photos of Celine bags can be difficult to round up in one place; stores don’t sell the brand on their websites, so product names and prices are often rumors at best. What we have here, though, is the best collection of Celine Spring and Summer 2012 (Celine splits the season into two separate groups of products) bags that we could find. If you have more to add, please let us know. If not, please enjoy the nearly 60 photos of Phoebe Philo loveliness after the jump. (more…)

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