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  • HfromT

    Arggghhhhh….sold out already!!!! I have been trying to get my hands on one of their bucket bags for a year now!

    • When you see them come up on Net-a-Porter, add one to your wish list if it’s already sold out. A friend of mine got one that way, and pretty quickly – NAP will hold it for you for 24 hours if it’s on your list.

      • HfromT

        Thanks for the tip, Amanda! I’ve seen the odd person carrying one in NYC, and each time I do, I want to stop them to ask how they got their hands on one!

      • Every party or gathering of women I’ve been to for the past six months has involved a portion of the evening where I explain the tips and tricks on how to get one, so I’m sure you wouldn’t be the first person who asked!

  • Sandy

    I just don’t get it….they are so very basic, nothing special. I do like the fact that they are doing well and an American based company. The fact that they are a reasonably priced alternative to their competition…but, I see the bags carried by so many that money would clearly not be the issue. I keep thinking if I actually say one IRL that perhaps that would make the difference, right now, I don’t want one.

  • Eva

    is the classic bucket bag called “large bucket bag”? so confused about the size…

    • Because of the introduction of the Mini Bucket, I think the regular Bucket size is being referred to be retailers as the large. There’s not a Bucket for fall that’s bigger than the one they’ve been making all along.

  • I wish they were available in Europe! But since they’re so hard to come by in the US, it would take a miracle to buy one here. everytime I see a bucket bag I want one even more.

  • Priya Walia

    I saw some on EBAY. Would those be the originals?

  • Priya Walia

    I am dying to get a hold on these and I am hoping to get 2-3 styles I like this week.
    I want the classic tote in BLACK and the black bucket bag.
    In case I have any that I may not take, would anyone be interested?

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