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For the past six months, I have barely been able to go to any gathering of women in New York City without being asked for tips, tricks and hook-ups on how to get a Mansur Gavriel bag. I also regularly field these inquires via GChat, email, text message – you name it. So if you’re one of the people who has asked me how to get his or her hands on one of these bags, or you’re a person who would have asked me, had you access to my contact information, this is for you: Barneys now has online pre-orders for eight styles, including the popular black-and-red Bucket Bag, as well as the new Mini Buckets and Backpacks.

This season of bags marks an expansion in several ways for the young American brand. First, not only are there new shapes and sizes for the bags, but there are new colors. Barneys has pre-orders for blush pink bucket bags, totes and backpacks, and more non-neutrals are coming, including blue and red.

Second, several of the bags are available in saffiano leather, which is a textured, hardy alternative to the smooth vegetable-tanned leathers that the brand had been using exclusively thus far. The saffiano is a little bit pricier, but for buyers who don’t want to see changes in their bags, it’s a good alternative.

Barneys indicates that these orders are expected to ship in September. That may seem like a while, but if you’ve been trying to get your hands on one, a pre-order is likely your best bet. Check out what’s available below or shop the brand via Barneys.

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  • HfromT

    Arggghhhhh….sold out already!!!! I have been trying to get my hands on one of their bucket bags for a year now!

    • Amanda Mull

      When you see them come up on Net-a-Porter, add one to your wish list if it’s already sold out. A friend of mine got one that way, and pretty quickly – NAP will hold it for you for 24 hours if it’s on your list.

      • HfromT

        Thanks for the tip, Amanda! I’ve seen the odd person carrying one in NYC, and each time I do, I want to stop them to ask how they got their hands on one!

      • Amanda Mull

        Every party or gathering of women I’ve been to for the past six months has involved a portion of the evening where I explain the tips and tricks on how to get one, so I’m sure you wouldn’t be the first person who asked!

  • Sandy

    I just don’t get it….they are so very basic, nothing special. I do like the fact that they are doing well and an American based company. The fact that they are a reasonably priced alternative to their competition…but, I see the bags carried by so many that money would clearly not be the issue. I keep thinking if I actually say one IRL that perhaps that would make the difference, right now, I don’t want one.

  • Eva

    is the classic bucket bag called “large bucket bag”? so confused about the size…

    • Amanda Mull

      Because of the introduction of the Mini Bucket, I think the regular Bucket size is being referred to be retailers as the large. There’s not a Bucket for fall that’s bigger than the one they’ve been making all along.

  • TheBagHoarder

    I wish they were available in Europe! But since they’re so hard to come by in the US, it would take a miracle to buy one here. everytime I see a bucket bag I want one even more.

  • Priya Walia

    I saw some on EBAY. Would those be the originals?

  • Priya Walia

    I am dying to get a hold on these and I am hoping to get 2-3 styles I like this week.
    I want the classic tote in BLACK and the black bucket bag.
    In case I have any that I may not take, would anyone be interested?

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