Loewe Flamenco Bags

We’re always excited when a relatively small brand that makes exquisite handbags becomes a little more accessible to those who might not get the chance to shop in one of the world’s few fashion capitals (after all, everyone on the PurseBlog team was in that situation before we moved to New York), and to that end, we have some exciting news to share with you today. Starting now, you can shop Loewe Handbags at NeimanMarcus.com.

A couple of years ago, Spanish brand Loewe (prounced Lo-AY-vay) was barely visible in the US. Once recently departed (he’s headed to Coach) creative director Stuart Vevers showed up, they surfaced in an extremely high-end boutique here and there, plus a few New York department stores. The brand’s steady success and growth has found it available in more and more places, including some notable online outposts – first Net-a-Porter, now Neiman Marcus.

The selection at NM is mostly neutrals and classic Loewe shapes at the moment, although who knows what’s coming – the number of bags on the brand’s product page doubled spontaneously during the day yesterday. Neiman Marcus also carries a sampling of the brand’s wallets, so hopefully more bags and small leather goods will be on the way as fall deliveries start flooding in. For now, our favorites are below or you can shop the full selection via Neiman Marcus.

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