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Detecting nascent trends is more art that science. Some bags are everywhere all of a sudden for reasons that don’t have much to do with celebrities or “influencers” (my apologies) objectively liking them, and figuring out whether a bag’s sudden surge in visibility is planned or organic requires a feel for the market.


It wasn’t so long ago that $1,500 was a sweet spot for designer bags. In the mid-2000s, sough-after bags like the Chloé Paddington retailed for prices near that magic number, and even as recently as 2010, the Céline Luggage Tote debuted at $1,750.


Last week we spotted the very first few Pre-Fall 2016 handbag pre-orders to hit the Internet, and today, we have even more upcoming bags to share with you. Bergdorf Goodman just launched its pre-fall pre-order section, and the handbag selection includes pieces from sought-after bag designers like Fendi, Valentino, Givenchy and Prada.

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  • Gucci Soho Disco Bag Beige
  • Tibi Silk Camisole
  • Chloe Hudson Whipstitched Shoulder Bagjpg
  • Miu Miu Club Matelasse Shoulder Bag
  • Saint Laurent Paris Lace Up Pump
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On the first slightly warm day of spring, you always see a woman in a white linen dress or a guy in shorts and flip-flops who clearly had been dreaming about wearing those things since December.


At this point, pretty much all the Spring 2016 bags are in stores, so it’s time to be making some decisions. We’ve absorbed all the information and the cream has risen to the top, as it’s wont to do.


When Mansur Gavriel came along a couple years ago and exposed a glaring blind spot in the contemporary market for sophisticated, modern bags at a relatively reasonable price point, retailers reacted quickly. Not only did basically every store imaginable try to stock the brand, but plenty of retail buyers went out looking for new or previously overlooked designers who could cater to similar tastes.


Although it can seem like it at times, not everyone wants an It Bag, or even a bag that’s easily identifiable by brand. Even if you do love a conspicuous bag, you might not want to carry one for every occasion–maybe your boss or sister-in-law is the judgmental type, or maybe you work in an extremely conservative office.

MCM Milla Tote in Black

MCM made a major comeback in the past few years with many people seeking their monogrammed bags. It’s funny because while majority of people were shunning logos (that’s begun to change), MCM found itself being the cool logo bag to carry.


We always try to keep an eye out for up-and-coming brands, especially those that are independent and pay careful attention to the manufacture of their handbags, so we’ve been watching French label laContrie for a while.


When I lived in New York City, I saw countless women carrying Ralph Lauren bags–namely, the Ricky. It was as if the bag was a special secret among New Yorkers; it was still carried by a far-reaching worldwide crowd, but in NYC, it lured in the most sophisticated and elegant ladies.


It’s an overwhelming time of year to be a fashion watcher. Not only is it red carpet season, but Pre-Fall 2016 shows still popping up and Paris Couture Week is happening as we speak. In addition to all that (and, most importantly for dedicated shoppers), new arrivals from spring collections are pouring into stores.


Even if you’re not a Brit, you’ve probably encountered Liberty London goods at some point in your fashion journey, probably by way of brand’s signature prints that have turned up in collaborations everywhere from Nike to Target.

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