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Fergie Burberry Bag

This summer my job was less than 100 feet from the side entrance of the David Letterman Late Show. What this meant was many visits to that side door to see the celeb of the day. The stars that appear on Letterman are always dressed to impress and the ladies carry the hippest handbags. This week a certain celeb paired her little black dress with a Burberry Handbag. While I can not find an exact match for the handbag, this bag resembles the Burberry Icons Collection Manor Bag. The Manor Bag shows off quilted house check with leather trim, handles and polished brass hardware (available via Burberry for $1295). Do you know the ‘celeb’ (calling her a celeb is really just relative) seen outside of Letterman with this Burberry bag? Find out after the jump.

Burberry Trench Check Clutch

I’m in a clutch mood this weekend. The Burberry Trench Check Clutch combines funky brown, tan, and yellow buckle trench print alongside brown leather trim. The clutch has a bit going on but also has a preppy feel that I love. The front of the flap has a circular golden lock closure. While this clutch would not be the clutch that matches most outfits, it is fun and cute for fall. The dimensions are 4 1/2″H x 13 7/10″W x 2/5″D. Buy it via Saks for $595.

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Burberry Denim Messenger Diaper Bag

While so many of the accessories we lust and obsess over are not essential, when you are a new mommy a diaper bag is essential. You have to be prepared at all times with diapers, bottles, food, toys, wipes, pacifiers, and whatever else I am leaving out. For the new mom who does not want to spend too much and wants a stylish yet casual bag the Burberry Denim Messenger Diaper Bag is a bull’s eye. Rather than overpowering the outside, the inside of this diaper bag is lined with the signature Novacheck pattern while the outside shows off practical and casual blue denim. Because this bag is all about practicality, there are two side pockets, a path pocket on the front flap, and a terry cloth changing pad included. The dimensions are 11″H x 5 1/2″W x 11″D. I may not be a mommie but I am half tempted to buy this bag for everyday use. Casual chic Burberry style is available through Saks for $229.

Burberry Leather Pocket Shoulder Bag

When you think of Burberry what comes to mind first? The classic check pattern, right? But sometimes going away from the ordinary can make something extraordinary. The Burberry Leather Pocket Shoulder Bag manifests itself in divine beauty and simplicity. Made from pebbled leather along with a side buckle and shackle details, this bag will have you simply intrigued. Perfectly fitting, the bag is accented with brass hardware. I see this bag being quite the perfect day bag for so many posh ladies out there. For carrying there is a single shoulder strap with a drop of 11.5″. Right in the center you will find the turn lock flap closure that comes from the zip top. This turn lock is snuggled in perfectly between the two exterior pockets. Inside, this bag boasts two open pockets, a zip pocket, and canvas lining. A bit different than so many Burberry bags out there, buy this leather beauty which measures 9″H X 15″L X 2″W through Saks for $895.

Burberry Plaid Canvas Tote

I just realized that I actually do not own a Burberry handbag. Gasp! I own some scarves, a coat, and some other little accessories but no bag. Whether or not it makes sense, I would love to own at least one bag from all of the big designers. I just chuckled out loud thinking what my father or any other rational person would say to this. Oh well. If I were going for a Burberry bag, I think I found a very cute one that is a bit different from the rest. The Burberry Plaid Canvas Tote reminds me of spring and picnics. I can just see myself wearing this more vibrant plaid print with its bright leather trim to the park or out in the country with Vlad. Ahh the thoughts of warm weather and butterflies makes me happy. This tote has double top handles, two outside pockets with drawstrings, two inside compartments with dividers along with zip pockets, and measures 12″H X 16″L X 8″W. I can see not everyone liking the crayon colored plaid pattern, but it suits me well enough for my picnic dates in the country :-) Available via Saks for $495.

Burberry Leather Hobo Bag

For those of you who celebrated Christmas yesterday, I hope it was a good one. Santa thought I was a nice girl this year so I am smiling. And Vlad must have thought I was really nice this year too, because he treated me with a beautiful Dior wallet!! (pics to come :-D). For those of you who got some money to spend, why not jump right into the search for a perfect bag (or for those of you who have yet to celebrate this holiday season). For those of you who love the classic check pattern of Burberry, but also love some simplicity, the Burberry Leather Hobo Bag is quite appealing. This bag shows off a small check trim which lines the leather hobo bag. The bag is available in black, white, and cognac. Personally, I really like all three options. The simplicity of this bag is pulled together with a leather tab with a snap and button closure. Keepin’ it classy as usually, Burberry uses brass hardware to accent this bag. On the inside you will find a zip pocket and canvas lining and a cell phone pocket. This bag is not too big, not too small: 10″ x 8″ x 3″. I do wonder how the bag will fit under your arm and hang, because we all know we don’t want some good looking awkward fitting bag under our arm. But I do know that this Burberry handbag is a classy option if you are looking for a practical leather bag. Spend that money you just got via Burberry for $650.

Burberry Luggage Tags

Let’s talk some Burberry today. For a light start, we got the Burberry Luggage Tags for $130.00. A ridiculous amount of money, considering you can get generic tags for a buck fiddy or the free paper ones at the airline ticket counter. Still, if you don’t know what to do with your money, and you already spend several G’s on a full Louis luggage set, you might as well spend another half a grand on these tags to round off the luxurious bunch. They come in sets of two, in either Jacquard Canvas or Metallic Leather and can be ordered right here.

Burberry Golf Bags

If you ladies want to treat your man with something that’ll make him stand out at the weekly golf outing with his buddies at the range, get him this Burberry Bag set. For just under $500, you get a carry-all bag for all of his misc golf equipment, along with a useful seperate shoe compartment. The signature black check nylon canvas on lightweight, shower-resistant polyester assure that moisture, dirt and mud stay where they belong. Get ’em right here through Saks.

Burberry Heather Suede BagWhen I was a little girl, I remember my first trip to London. For some reason all of the women (and men!) wearing Burberry really still sticks out in my mind. I wasn’t aware that it was a super designer brand, but I remember tugging on my mom and telling her I wanted something like it to. My mom informed me that a girl my age didn’t need something like that. What is that about? Depriving your child from something like Burberry??! JK mom, I won’t still hold it against you. But with time, the checkered pattern started to un-grow on me (yes, as in the opposite of grow). I guess it became too plentiful, although I still love my cashmere scarf from them.

When I saw this bag, it didn’t call out to me like Burberry has in the past, but I still felt drawn to it. From the Burberry Prorsum Handbag line, I seem to have a liking to the Burberry Heather Suede Bag. This little number is made olive suede and is accented with a brown leather adjustable strap and brown leather trim. For a little more accenting, there is brass hardware that looks more like vintage gold than brass. Just in case you want to carry your pet hermit crab that needs to keep warm this fall, the inside is lined in wool flannel. The dimensions are 13 1/2″ x 7″ x 4″. If you are like me and you like this bag, it is available for $840 via Burberry.

Burberry Handbag

If I didn’t know better, I’d think the US National Treasury melted a few gold bars from Fort Knox and handed them to Burberry to mold this wonderfully shining piece of bag! Ain’t it pretty? The large Burberry Flat Portrait Tote bag features long double shoulder straps and a magnetic snap closure, while goldtone ring and stud detailing add even more shiny to the shine. The inside is lined in cotton and holds and inside zipper and a celly pocket.

Of course made in Italy, the 14″ X 14″ X 1″ tote goes for just under 600 bucks. Saks Fifth.

Burberry Plaid Wool Bag Nearly every girl loves to play dress up. That does not change for women, unless only I enjoy to play dress-up still. I’m not going to lie when I say that the most intriguing part of business interviews and new jobs is buying the outfits to wear to them. Don’t even try to fool yourself for 1 second that even the most unfashionable men interviewers are not aware of style. It matters. I love these justifications I come up with in my head. So with any beautiful new dress or suit a girl must carry a fashionable work bag, correct? Correct. And as the new seasons roll in a girl in the working world must (not really, but I like to tell myself that it is a must) get a new bag. For this fall ’05 the Burberry Plaid Wool Bag seems to be a major contender.

I grew out of loving the Burberry checkered print a while back, because it became a trend rather than a high end design. But this bag really is strikingly different. The Burberry Plaid Wool Bag is of course, like the title says, a plaid print bag which is accented with textured leather trim and sports a trendy faux tortoise shell handle. I think goldtone hardware is the perfect accent color because it is warmer and really shows off the wool plaid pattern off nicely. Since I am justifying this bag for a work purpose, I’ll explain to you how I justify it as a work bag (and how you can justify it to your significant other so he might be nice enough to make the purchase ;-) ) For your organizational needs the bag contains an inside center zip compartment and has 3 types of pockets; zip, open and phone. The Burberry handbag is a generous 6″H X 13″L X 5″W which could fit some of your work needs, and can be pre-ordered from Saks for $795.

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