My love for the Burberry check pattern ended a few years ago. I went from love love loving it, to just thinking it was ok, to not liking it much at all. There are a few reasons, one being that it gets old fast. Another being that similar to the LV Monogram, the Burberry Nova Check pattern is counterfeited very often.

I have never had a strong affinity to brown. Which baffles my mind since brown looks less harsh against my blond hair, blue eyes, medium color skin. It is not that I am a huge lover of black, but I really just float around in the color world. But I need a new brown bag. One of my last brown bags was my Fendi Spy (yes 2.5 years ago), in honey, which is a perfect shade.

Burberry Gold Stud Bags

Burberry handbags may be actively trying to get away from their signature nova check image, well, sort of. While the preppy nova check pattern is recognizable from miles away, the brand has been striving to bring something new to the table, and attempting to revamp the brand and give the younger, hipper crowd something to swoon over.

burberry warrior bag Dubbed the “It Bag of Spring 2008″ the Burberry Warrior has created quite the hype. Seen on the arms of countless celebrities (and all over the set of the hit show Gossip Girl), this bag has taken the handbag world by storm. The bag started its journey on the Burberry runway in beige. Christopher Bailey, the Creative Director of Burberry, cited the Luxury Warrior as his inspiration for spring and this can be seen with his metal stud design used on this bag.

Burberry Check Net Drawstring Bag
Burberry Check Net Drawstring Bag

We arrived in New York yesterday and were greeted with a cold, wet New York day. Really, I did not bring an umbrella as I assumed The Big Apple would be thrilled we are here and would cease all stormy weather. Today again, more rain. After a great day yesterday (lots of pictures and an interview to follow), today is another day we are looking forward to.

cameron diaz with burberry bagA celeb knows that any time they leave their house, they have the chance to be photographed. Because of this, a early morning run to the grocery store or a trip to the airport means there needs to be ample primping and preparing in order to look decent to the millions of people that will view their pictures. Cameron Diaz is a favorite of the paparazzi, and while she is not in the league of LiLo or TomKat, she is a celeb worth taking shots of.

Burberry Hoxton Quilted Hobo Does anyone else notice that the shape of this handbag closely resemble the Gucci Indy? It is public knowledge that I am not a fan of the Indy, but the idea behind the shape of the bag is fine. The Burberry Hoxton Quilted Hobo features quilted black leather with a buckle detailed adjustable shoulder strap. There is golden hardware and a zip top closure.

Burberry Denim Diaper Bag

Just because you have to carry a diaper bag does not mean it needs to be a) drab, b) overly flowery, or c) flat out ugly. I know many moms do not have time to primp everyday, so their wardrobe is a tad more laid back. For the mom’s who love designer but also are still just trying to make it out the door without rice cereal in their hair and spit-up on their shoulder, the Burberry Denim Diaper Bag reverberates laid-back chic style.


I’ll take bad ideas for $5,000,000,000 please. The thought of Burberry moving to China will face such a negative backlash that the brand will merely attempt to survive. The signature Burberry checkered pattern is “quintessentially British”, and a move to China will leave the company far from the same. Hell, even Prince Charles is rebelling!

PRINCE CHARLES has intervened in a row over plans by Burberry, the upmarket clothing firm, to shut down its Welsh factory with the loss of 300 jobs.

Fergie Burberry Bag

This summer my job was less than 100 feet from the side entrance of the David Letterman Late Show. What this meant was many visits to that side door to see the celeb of the day. The stars that appear on Letterman are always dressed to impress and the ladies carry the hippest handbags. This week a certain celeb paired her little black dress with a Burberry Handbag.

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