Burberry Spring 2014 Handbags (6)

I always dread Burberry runway shows a little bit. When they come around, I always love everything about them – the clothes, the outerwear, even the music that the brand picks every season as a soundtrack to the Burberry Experience. Except the bags. I almost always hate the bags, which makes me sad, you guys. Upon viewing Burberry Spring 2014, I felt a bit relieved; there’s not much diversity here, but the bags feel fresh and light, like they might be the gateway to a genuinely good retail collection.

There are no shoulder bags, crossbodies, satchels or evening bags to be found here. To top off a confectionary collection of sorbet-colored clothing, Burberry outfitted all of its models with similarly pale-and-pretty zippered pouch clutches, all doubled over to reveal the floral or furry embellishments on one side. A lot of brand have taken to this scrunched-bag presentation lately, which baffles me – no one carries their clutches that way, and it makes it difficult to get an idea of the full size and proportion of the clutch. With as many bags as were presented here, though, you sort of got the idea by the end – simple shapes, ladylike colors, tonal embellishments that reinforced the shows themes. The only thing missing was a version encrusted with the intricate, large-scale bling that was found elsewhere in the show. Cross your fingers that those bags will materialize at retail.

[Images via Vogue.com]

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  • kevin kim.

    They all have D rings on each side so it could be worn as a cute little cross body or evening shoulder bag.
    The light light purple one thats all leather is amazing, Not the bag itself but the embossing of the burberry check onto the leather. The leather looks so soft.
    They need to start making big bags with embossing, I’d be all over it.

  • twoturntables

    I’m not really a fan. The flowers seems cheap to me.

  • Sandra

    It has been a long time since I even thought about purchasing a Burberry bag….the clothes/coats/shoes I usually like several pieces.. Nothings changed, the bags are nothing impressive…I will pass.

  • EGlez ?

    They feel a bit Vuitton-ish and not in a good way.

  • shueaddict

    not digging the flowers, too bad ! The colors are lovely and the leather looks like butter.

  • queeniemab

    I guess it depends on each person. I love these bags! I will definitely buy one.

  • http://justj.ca/ MizzJ

    Hmm the leather flower appliques are okay, but only in photos I suspect. How can anyone wear this in real life when there is a high possibility your 5 yr old niece could be sporting something very very similar.

  • esion lin

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